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Expertly crafted selected destination itineraries, Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages offers you unique small-group vegan tours and adventure travel in Asia. Experience, explore, and immerse yourself in the amazing culture of India, Thailand, Laos, Bali, Sumatra, Cambodia, Nepal, South India, Sri Lanka and Bhutan with VegVoyages.

Cambodia is a charming and exciting country that will leave you yearning for more. With modern tourism only ‘discovering’ Cambodia at the dawn of the millennium, there are still many undiscovered corners and untold stories in this enchanting nation, which over the centuries has witnessed epic triumphs, as well as survived equally impactful and devastating tragedies.
Experience it all on our Christmas Vegan Tour in Thailand adventure where you’ll see the “highlights”, explore places well off-the-beaten-path, be guests of local families and communities, and get a real insight into the people, country, culture, and customs of this legendary Southeast Asian kingdom! Join VegNews Magazine and Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages for an extraordinary journey to Thailand on this Christmas Vegan Tour.
Filled with ancient traditions, diverse cultures, stunning centuries-old architecture, formidable snowcapped peaks, thick forests, wildlife-rich lush jungles, and some of the most stunning scenery on the planet – Nepal is a country like none other. For 14 days we’ll journey from the ancient streets of the historical, bustling, yet serene lanes and alleys of the colorful capital of Kathmandu to small peaceful mountainside villages.
Penned in travel journals as the last Shangri La, Bhutan – the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon, to us is so much more than that. It is not a romanticized version of what travelogues portray Bhutan to be, but it’s authentic and very much a living reality, which includes its ups and downs and historical peaks and pitfalls, as seen through its people and the struggle to endure cultures, that makes Bhutan to us so extraordinary.
Our 12-day vegan journey begins in the bustling historical city of Medan, Sumatra. A testament to the island’s ethnic diversity and reflective of the diversity of Indonesia as whole, Medan is the economic, political, and social capital of North Sumatra, and is the largest city on the island. Sumatra is also the largest island in the country, but it is just one of the 17,500 plus islands that make up Indonesia – the largest archipelago in the world!
Vegan tour to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is often portrayed by travelogues and tourist brochures as an island paradise with images of its postcard-picture-perfect palm-fringed sandy beaches and clear blue waters. And yes, it does have those – but this small island-nation located as a teardrop off the southeast coast of India is so very, very much more than that.
VegNews Magazine and Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages invites you to take the journey of a lifetime on our Christmas Vegan Tour in India! On this exciting trip, we’ll explore the rugged and magical state of Rajasthan, India. We’ll explore opulent palaces, ancient citadels, sacred temples, magnificent forts, and remote rural villages and experience the “real” Rajasthan as we take in all the must-see sights as well as spend plenty of time off-the-beaten-track.
Discovering the history, heritage, traditions, and cuisines of this unique part of India through cultural immersion and local interaction is what this adventure is all about. Join us on a special vegan journey into the heartland of South India where ancient ruins, terrific temples, gorgeous gopurams, magnificent monuments, sensational saints, palatial palaces, paddies, peaks, and plantations meet vibrant villages, bustling bazaars, and balmy breezes!
For eight days we’ll explore North India’s captivating sights taking in the heritage of the capital city of Delhi, the history of the famous Pink City of Jaipur, the charm of the old royal desert Kingdom of Kishangarh, the abundant wildlife around Bharatpur, and the legacy of the old Mughal capital of Agra home to the Taj Mahal – all from a very personal perspective and all vegan style! Join us as we turn India’s classic golden triangle into The Green Triangle!
Join our family and friends as we take you on an epic vegan adventure into the heart and soul of the princely state of Rajasthan, India! Immerse yourself into the cultures, traditions, and communites of this historically rich and fascinating region for 14 days. Explore remote off-the-beaten-track villages, live in centuries-old royal palaces, and explore mystical ancient Hindu temples, bustling bazaars, and medieval desert towns while enjoying delicious local vegan cuisines!
From the serene ashram of India’s Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, and the wild hinterlands of the jungles of Gir, to the bustling metropolis of Ahmedabad, and the charming old Portuguese colonial seaside outpost of Diu, from royal palaces, peaceful well-off-the-beaten-path villages and desert plains, to hilltop temples and mountainside lakes, this all-encompassing 14-day vegan trip will leave you with lifelong impressions.
There’s no denying Bali’s beauty has attracted many travelers over the years from all walks of life – from the rich and famous, artists, and beatniks to surfers, sun worshippers, and backpackers. But don’t let the tourist crowds turn you off from the true beauty of Bali – which lies not only in its gorgeous countryside of paddy fields and its serene beaches, but more so in its small towns, rural villages, and in the heart and souls of its friendly people and their rich cultural traditions.
The only landlocked country in Southeast Asia, Laos is pinched between 5 different countries with the mighty Annamite Mountains and Vietnam on the east, and the even mightier Mekong River and Thailand on the west. Spread out over mountainous terrain, thick forests, and paddy- filled plains, Laos is home to just over 7 million people representing 49 different ethnic groups and 240 sub-ethnic groups who speak 82+ languages.
Thailand has been well on the traveler’s map ever since Sean Connery as James Bond was filmed on this country’s strikingly beautiful beaches in “Dr. No” – and there is a good reason for it! Siam (as Thailand was called before) has it all: friendly people, an ancient culture rooted in Buddhist traditions, amazing geography, and delicious food! Experience it all on Vegan Travel Asia's Terrific Taste of Thailand tour.