1101 Scholarship

Helping empower the Vegan Voices of Today

After the successful launch of the 1101 Scholarship Fund through which we continue to empower veg or vegan students to become ‘vegan voices of tomorrow’, the VegVoyages Foundation is thrilled to announce the introduction of our 1101 Fellowship Fund to support ‘vegan voices of today’. This initiative is aimed at empowering educators and organizations worldwide who are dedicated to promoting vegan principles, animal welfare, animal rights, conservation, and environmental protection. We seek to recognize and support the critical work of today’s vegan advocates, amplifying their voices and enhancing their impact within communities across the globe. Through financial support and global recognition, the 1101 Fellowship celebrates the diverse efforts of those at the forefront of compassionate education and advocacy. Whether they are teachers integrating vegan values into their curriculum, activists raising awareness, or organizations leading rescue and outreach efforts, the fellowship aims to foster a network of passionate individuals and groups working towards a more ethical and sustainable world. Open to applicants from all corners of the earth, the 1101 Fellowship underscores the VegVoyagesFoundation’s commitment to a globally inclusive vegan movement.Together, we strive to inspire change, encourage innovation, and support the tireless efforts of those driving the animal justice movement forward. Join us as we embark on this journey to empower the vegan voices of today, paving the way for a more compassionate tomorrow.


The 1101 Fellowship Program champions a wide array of dedicated educators and organizations worldwide, united by their commitment to vegan advocacy, animal rights, and environmental sustainability. Here’s a closer look at the inspiring individuals and groups we aim to support:

Educators: Catalysts for Change

  • Traditional Educators: Teachers and professors who seamlessly incorporate vegan ethics and animal rights into their lessons, fostering compassion and awareness among their students.
  • Community Activists: Local heroes who engage their communities through outreach, workshops, and campaigns, making veganism more accessible and actionable.
  • Digital Crusaders: Innovators who leverage online platforms to spread the vegan message far and wide, reaching diverse audiences and sparking global conversations.

Organizations: Pillars of the Movement

  • Advocacy Groups: Entities dedicated to animal rescue, vegan outreach, and environmental protection, working tirelessly to create a more humane world.
  • Grassroots Initiatives: Small-scale projects and local chapters with big hearts, focusing on specific community needs and driving local change.


The VegVoyages Foundation is pleased to offer the 1101 Fellowship award of US$ 1,101 each:one to an individual educator and another to an organization. These awards recognize dedication and activism in spreading veganism and related principles within their communities.The Fellowship tenure lasts for one year. Fellows desiring to continuetheir efforts and support from the VegVoyages Foundation beyond this period will need to reapply for the subsequent year.


The 1101 Fellowship award is designed to support and encourage the Fellows in their activism:Entirety of the award should be used by the Fellow to actively create and execute a program or initiative within their neighbourhood, community, or school, with the objective of raising awareness and contributing towards vegan principles, animal welfare, animal rights, conservation, and environmental protection. We encourage our Fellows to innovate and lead, using this support to amplify their voice, and magnify their impact within their communities and beyond.


For Organizations:
  • Type of Organization: Both formal and informal organizations throughout the world are eligible, including local chapters of larger organizations with an annual budget of less than $5,000. This criterion is designed to support grassroots efforts and smaller entities making a significant impact.
  • Focus and Involvement: The organization must be actively involved in promoting vegan principles, animal rights, conservation, and/or environmental protection. A clear focus on these areas, demonstrated through ongoing projects or initiatives, is essential.
  • Communication Skills: The ability to communicate in English for international collaboration is required.This ensures effective partnership and knowledge exchange with the global vegan and animal rights community.


  • ANNOUNCEMENT DATE: The application opens in  April 22, 2024 – World Earth Day 
    Continuing our tradition, we’re thrilled to launch the 1101 Fellowship on April 22nd, World Earth Day, with this year’s theme, ‘Planet vs. Plastics’. This theme resonates deeply with our mission, emphasizing the link between veganism, conservation, and the urgent need to address plastic pollution for the health of our planet and all its inhabitants. 

  • DEADLINE DATE:The deadline to submit October 01, 2024 – World Vegetarian Day 
    We chose this day because it is World Vegetarian Day and we want to spread the message of compassion. The voting for organizations opens from Oct 5th- Oct 25th, 2024. 
    This period allows the VegVoyages community and the broader public to engage with and support the incredible projects proposed by organizations dedicated to advancing vegan principles and animal rights, environment protection and conservation.  

  • SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS ANNOUNCED: The final announcements for whom the scholarships will be awarded will, of course, be on November 1, 2024- World Vegan Day. We selected November 1 as a deadline since this day is celebrated worldwide as World Vegan Day. This project 1101 fellowship is an homage to this day and our way of contributing to the activism. 


The 1101 Fellowship Program by the VegVoyages Foundation represents more than just financial support; it embodies our commitment to nurturing the growth of veganism and animal rights advocacy across the World. This initiative is aimed to empower those who are making a difference on the ground. Here’s why the 1101 Fellowship is crucial: 

  • Recognizing Unsung Heroes: Educators and organizations dedicated to promoting veganism often work tirelessly with limited resources and recognition. The 1101 Fellowship seeks to shine a light on these unsung heroes, acknowledging their vital contributions to animal justice, environmental sustainability, and compassionate education. By providing this much-needed recognition, we aim to encourage and inspire continued advocacy and action. 

  • Empowering Grassroots Movements: The Fellowship focuses on empowering individuals and organizations at the grassroots level, where the impact of advocacy can be most directly felt. By supporting these local champions, we aim to foster a ripple effect, inspiring and educating communities about the benefits of veganism for animals, the planet, and human health. 

  • Building a Sustainable Future 
    The ultimate goal of the 1101 Fellowship is to contribute to a future where compassion, sustainability, and respect for all life forms are central values. By empowering educators and organizations to expand their outreach, we are investing in a movement that seeks to transform society’s relationship with animals and the natural world. 

  • Celebrating Veganism on a Global Stage 
    The selection of key dates for the Fellowship’s application and announcement—World Earth Day, World Vegetarian Day, and World Vegan Day—underscores our commitment to aligning with global movements that celebrate and advocate for a more humane, environmentally friendly, and compassionate world. 


With these aims in mind, the 1101 Fellowship Fund is launched throughout the world, heralding a new era of supported and recognized vegan education.  


  • You can use any language you are comfortable and compatible with for your writing. National or mother tongue will also be accepted. 
  • Please include this statement before your signature on the email: ‘I declare that the submitted essay is written in my own words and thoughts, and the information disclosed in the application form is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. if any information is found to be incorrect, my candidature for the scholarship is liable to be canceled.’
  • Submit your essay before the deadline of October 1st, 2024. 
  • The decisions of the panels will be deemed final and complete unless the information provided by the scholarship awardee is proved to be false. 
  • We urge you to write the essay and other related questions on Word (Docx) file (on your computer) or on Notes App (on your phone) first and then copy and paste it into the forms. If you don’t have access to a computer, we are also accepting handwritten answers. Please take good pictures.



Dr. Sailesh Rao, founder of Climate Healers, has dedicated his life to environmental solutions since 2006. Author of four pivotal books and executive producer of documentaries like “Cowspiracy” and “What The Health”, his work underpins the urgent shift towards veganism for Earth’s survival. Committed to fulfilling a promise to his granddaughter Kimaya for a predominantly vegan world by 2026, Dr. Rao’s activism spans from ethical to ecological imperatives, earning him the inaugural Homo Ahimsa award alongside Kimaya from the Interfaith Vegan Coalition in 2021. 


Nayan, from Delhi, India, is a dedicated animal rights activist and a vital part of the non-profit sector, focusing on animal rights, veganism, and climate change. With a BA in History from Lady Shri Ram College and currently pursuing a Master’s in Animal Protection Laws at NALSAR University, she has been a key campaigner with the Animal and Climate Save Movement India. Nayan’s pragmatic approach has led her to co-create a curriculum on animal rights and climate change for Cambodian students with the Veg Voyages Foundation, producing two educational books. Her work embodies community-driven action and impactful change. 


After growing up and attending college in England, Peter moved to the USA. He became vegetarian more than 20 years ago and has been vegan for the past 10 years. His initial trip to India with VegVoyages in 2015 was followed by joining their tours in Laos, Malaysia, Sumatra, Sri Lanka, and Nepal plus two more tours in India. During these trips, he has seen firsthand the work of the VegVoyages Foundation in supporting social charitable activities, projects, and programs and he is excited to be able to help expand their work with the 1101 Scholarship Program. When not on tour with VegVoyages (now Vegan Travel Asia), Peter splits his time between New Jersey, North Carolina, and the UK. 


Sarina Farb is a holistic vegan educator, TEDx Speaker, and liberation activist working to make the world a better place for all beings. She focuses on combining heart and science to empower people to think critically, see past corporate propaganda, and align their actions with their values. Sarina is also co-founder of the International Vegan Earth Day March, has given hundreds of lectures around the country, and her videos and content have reached more than a million people online. 


Singhji, co-founder of VegVoyages, brings extensive hospitality experience from managing Rajasthan’s top hotels to operations in tour management and film coordination. Meeting Zac Lovas in 1990 on a film set sparked a lasting partnership. Beyond coordinating Vegan Travel Asia trips, he enjoys yoga, veganizing Rajasthani dishes, and advocating for veganism as Chairperson of the Indian Chapter of the World Vegan Organisation, and chaired the Vegan India Conference – WVO 4th International Conference in Delhi. 


Gillian West was born in the UK and has run several successful businesses over the years before she began her vegan journey. She started on this journey when she met her husband Andrew around 6 years ago. With the vegan journey, she got acquainted with VegVoyages world and got to know the values. With an aim to save the world through knowledge and education, Gillian has now started her own foundation and is thoroughly committed to this mission. 

Selection Process


For Educators: 

  • Initial Screening: Applications will undergo an initial screening from the VegVoyages Foundation team to ensure they align with the fellowship’s goals and meet the specified criteria. 
  • Application Review: A dedicated jury will conduct an initial review of all applications to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria. 


  • Project Evaluation: The jury will evaluate the projects based on their innovation, impact, and potential to advance vegan principles and compassionate education. Criteria will include the project’s scalability, sustainability, and the applicant’s passion and commitment. 


  • Interviews: Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews (virtual or in-person) to further discuss their projects, vision, and how they plan to use the fellowship to advance their goals. 


  • Decision Making: The final decision will be made based on a comprehensive assessment of the application, project proposal, and interview, considering the potential for long-term impact and community benefit. 


For Organizations: 

  • Initial Screening: Applications from organizations will undergo an initial screening to ensure they align with the fellowship’s goals and meet the specified criteria. 


  • Project Proposal Review: A jury will review the project proposals, assessing their relevance, feasibility, and potential impact on vegan advocacy and animal rights. 
  • Public Voting: The top 5 project proposals will be shortlisted and presented to the VegVoyages community for public voting. This phase will allow for broader engagement and support from the vegan and travel communities. 


  • Final Selection: The organization receiving the highest number of votes from the community, alongside the jury’s evaluation, will be awarded the fellowship, ensuring the selection process is democratic and community-driven. 

I was reminded every day by kids at school that I was the only veg student there – and that I must be crazy because of it. I was told at church that I was going against the word of God as “God gave humanity dominion over the animals” – where it says specifically that dominion should only be defined as exploiting and killing was beyond me. I was reminded in sports I was going to be the “weakest” one on the field. And I was reminded by family members that “joining a cult was dangerous” – why they thought I joined a cult is also beyond me as I had no contact with anyone else who was veg – so I guess I was in a one-person cult.

Many of our team, like many vegetarians and vegans, have similar stories in their lives. The 1101 Scholarship aims to help give moral and financial support to students who are vegan and vegetarian, or who are inclined to be, and to re-enforce the truth that…

  • compassionate thinking is not negative…
  • it is not irrelevant,
  • it is not crazy,
  • it is not “old school” (in some cultures),
  • it is not falling into a cult, or weak, or anything else negative.

We are hopeful that the 1101 Scholarship will help encourage youth to not only continue up this path but possibly become an active part of the path’s creation in the future 
(i.e., get more involved in community-based activism, outreach, etc.).

 [Last Year our Panel was composed of six panelists: award-winning vegan travel writer and best-selling author Shivya Nath (from India), UnchainedTV’s the Action Hour host/producer Lindsey Baker (from the USA), vegan advocate Peter Walker (UK), VegWorld Magazine Publisher & Editor Alora Middleton Hale (from the USA), animal rights and environmental campaigner Shristi Singh Shreshta (Nepal), documentary film maker and animal right activist Dr.Harsha Atmakuri (India).

Be the Change 

The 1101 Fellowship is your opportunity to inspire innovation and support efforts driving the animal justice movement forward. Apply today and pave the way for a more compassionate tomorrow.