Who We Are

Empathy Films is the media wing of the VegVoyages Foundation, a film and media production non-profit organization dedicated to producing impactful films and digital media projects. Our mission is to encourage and promote a cruelty-free, sustainable, and compassionate society through the power of storytelling.

Our award-winning feature documentary, Maa Ka Doodh (Mother’s Milk), was our first production. This powerful expose on India’s dairy industry has garnered critical acclaim for its insightful and hard-hitting portrayal of the realities behind dairy production.

Currently, we are working on several important projects, including:

  • Movement LAB for CHANGE: Mini Documentaries: A series of short films highlighting the critical impacts of climate change in Sri Lanka, focusing on issues such as animal agriculture, deforestation, urbanization, and human choices.
  • Life in a Vegan Sanctuary: A documentary that explores the lives of rescued farm animals in sanctuaries, promoting compassion, animal rights, and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.


At Empathy Films, we believe in the transformative power of media to inspire change and foster a more empathetic world. Join us on our journey to create a better, kinder future through compelling and meaningful storytelling.

Harsha Zac Maa Ka Doodh

Movement Lab for Climate Change: Mini Documentaries

In an unprecedented collaboration, VegVoyages Foundation & Empathy Films have joined forces with Green Pictures Pvt. Ltd. In Sri Lanka on a visionary project titled “The Movement LAB for CLIMATE CHANGE”. This initiative aims to produce a series of four short documentaries, culminating in a feature-length film, to shine a light on the pressing issue of climate change in Sri Lanka. Our partnership symbolizes a shared commitment towards environmental conservation and awareness, leveraging the power of storytelling to spark change.

Our mission is to address the critical impacts of climate change in Sri Lanka, focusing on the detrimental effects of animal agriculture, deforestation, urbanization, and direct human choices on the environment. Each documentary, lasting no more than 20 minutes, will explore different facets of these challenges, encouraging a shift towards more sustainable practices, including adopting a plant-based diet.


  1. “What on Earth”: directed by Shanaka Bodiyabaduge and Asanka Jayawardena, with edited by Chamika Wijemunige and creative input from Tinaz Amit, explores the paradoxical relationship between humans and elephants in Sri Lanka. This documentary delves into the long-standing human-elephant conflict, highlighting stories of both antagonism and empathy, urging the need for a middle path.
  1. “Comfort Zone”: directed by Sameera Weerasekara and Yoshitha Perera, examines the rapid urbanization of Colombo and its impact on climate change. Despite the wealth and modern buildings, the city’s development comes at a significant cost, forcing residents to sacrifice their comforts and witnessing the soul of Colombo being lost amidst the progress.
  1. “Journey”: directed by Krishan Rajarathnam, with cinematography by Channa Kalubowila and edited by Malinda Hiddellarachchi, explores the intertwined lives of humans and cattle in Sri Lanka. This documentary delves into the cultural, environmental, and economic impacts of dairy and meat consumption, highlighting the profound connections and consequences of these practices.
  1. “Cleansed, Blessed, and Polluted”: directed by Udara Abeysundara and Chanaka Wijamunige, tells the story of the Kelani River, a sacred river where Buddha himself bathed. This short film explores the water pollution crisis in Sri Lanka, focusing on the environmental challenges facing this holy river.

“The Movement LAB for CHANGE” is more than just a series of documentaries; it is a crucial call to action. The significance of this project lies in its ability to raise awareness about the profound impact of climate change on Sri Lanka and the world at large. By highlighting the interconnectedness of human actions and environmental consequences, these films aim to:

  • Educate and Inspire: By presenting compelling stories and real-life examples, the documentaries educate viewers on the critical issues of climate change, encouraging them to adopt more sustainable practices.
  • Foster Empathy and Understanding: Through intimate and heartfelt storytelling, the films aim to build empathy towards both humans and animals, fostering a deeper understanding of the importance of compassionate living.
  • Promote Sustainable Solutions: The project underscores the need for sustainable solutions, such as plant-based diets and eco-friendly practices, to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.
  • Mobilize Collective Action: By connecting local issues to global challenges, the documentaries encourage collective action, inspiring communities to work together towards a healthier planet.

These four short films will weave a narrative that connects the local to the global, illustrating how individual and collective actions can significantly influence our planet’s health.

Spanning from pre-production workshops to post-production labs and nationwide screenings, this project is meticulously planned to ensure impactful storytelling and widespread dissemination. Aligned with our core values, the project upholds ethical practices, including providing vegan options for all involved, from production to post-production, reinforcing our commitment to compassion and sustainability.

We are excited to announce that “The Movement LAB for CLIMATE CHANGE” is expected to premiere in September during the film festival organized by Green Pictures Pvt. Ltd. in Sri Lanka. This premiere will mark a significant milestone in our journey to raise awareness and inspire change through powerful storytelling.

We invite you to join us in spreading the word, supporting the initiative, and becoming part of the change we wish to see in the world.

Stay tuned for updates on ‘The Movement LAB for CHANGE’ as we start on this exciting journey together. Together, we can make a difference, one story at a time.

A Life in a Vegan Sanctuary

Empathy Films, the media wing of VegVoyages Foundation is proud to share an exciting project, “Life in a Vegan Sanctuary”, a short film directed by passionate vegan advocate and independent filmmaker Amruta Balan Nair.

Our film is dedicated to showcasing the lives of rescued farm animals in India and promoting compassion, kindness, and veganism. Through this project, we aim to educate children and adults alike about the importance of animal rights and the benefits of a cruelty-free lifestyle. 


Farm animal sanctuaries are incredible places where rescued animals, once abused and neglected, can finally live in peace and freedom. In these sanctuaries, animals can express their true personalities, form deep bonds, and enjoy their lives without fear. Our documentary focuses on how these sanctuaries teach us about kindness, compassion, and the value of every living being. By visiting these sanctuaries, we learn that animals have friendships, love to play, and deserve the same freedoms and safety that we enjoy.

Our film is currently under production and is estimated to be completed by September. Our dedicated team is working tirelessly to capture the most touching and inspirational stories from these sanctuaries, ensuring a high-quality and impactful film.

“Life in a Vegan Sanctuary” not only highlights the plight of farmed animals but also showcases the positive impact sanctuaries have on their lives. By illustrating the joy and freedom these animals experience, we hope to educate and inspire viewers to reconsider their relationship with animals and make compassionate choices.

This project is made possible through the collaboration between VegVoyages Foundation, Empathy Films, and independent filmmaker Amruta Balan Nair. Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to bring these stories to life and promote a cruelty-free lifestyle.

We invite you to join us in supporting and promoting this important project. Whether through donations, sharing our message, or visiting sanctuaries, your involvement can make a difference.