In 2019, we purchased and installed a Euro-Guard Water Filter that has a capacity to purify 100 liters of water per hour for Dhaulagiri Deaf Residential Secondary School in Baglung, Nepal. This boarding school provides education for the country’s hearing-impaired students and is one of only a few schools of its kind in Nepal. The school has over 285 students and 32 teachers. The water filter provided worry-free, completely clean, and pure drinking water for up to 400 students daily. The water filter is working well.

In our continued effort to support the exceptional work done by the  School, we have further aided in securing safe drinking water for the school’s community. This year, we are proud to announce the addition of a 250-liter water tank to the school’s facilities. This enhancement is a testament to our ongoing dedication to improving the lives of these students and ensuring that they have access to the essential resources needed for their education and health.


VegVoyages Foundation purchased much-needed sports equipment and enrichment game supplies for a local school in the Bhakunde village in Nepal. There are about 200 students from Kindergarten level to High School.