VegVoyages Foundation is working on a community-based assistance project with the Theater Action Group (TAG) in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. TAG is an interactive community-based outreach drama program on the frontline of helping people heal from the trauma of an almost 3-decade long civil war. The group’s campus is located in the heart of Jaffna, and they are dedicated to preserving and teaching the local cultural arts, music, and dance unique to the Sri Lankan Tamil communities of the north.

TAG focuses on cultural preservation, and is also committed to helping people heal from the various tragedies that have affected their lives over the years, including the long civil war, devastating tsunami, poverty, and pandemics. They use the local arts in the healing process by bringing communities and people together, and helping individuals affected by these tragic events.

We have consistently assisted with rethatching the roofs, the most recent one is at their theater hall in 2023, where they conduct their activities. In the past we had replaced all the roofs at the community hall, theater, and healing center where they conduct their activities. We have been supporting the Theater Action Group’s important work in the community and helping them maintain their facilities for the benefit of the people they serve.

Working with women and young adults who have been traumatized by years of war and other tragedies, workshops in line with local traditions and customs are held by their peers, consisting of music, dance, drama and meditation to help people confront and overcome their fears, increase self-confidence, articulate their deepest emotions, and start to heal, which benefits both the individual and community alike.

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