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Discover the powerful and impactful documentary film “Maa Ka Doodh” co-produced by VegVoyages Foundation! This highly acclaimed documentary film exposes the illegal and unethical practices in the Indian dairy industry, including instances of animal cruelty. It has received numerous awards and recognition at various international film festivals, including Best Documentary and Best Director at the Jaipur International Film Festival, Best Documentary Feature Film and Best Director Documentary Feature at the Cannes World Film Festival, and Best Documentary Film and Best Eye-Opening Film at the Bangkok International Film Festival.

The film Maa Ka Doodh has been creating waves on the internet since its release on January 26, 2023, on YouTube. It has become a popular topic of discussion for its powerful message and heartwarming story.

Maa Ka Doodh


Maa Ka Doodh: Uncovering A Nation’s Dairy Disaster is an investigative feature-length documentary film about the untold stories behind the success of India’s White Revolution – The World’s Largest Dairy Production and Development Campaign. It also explores the ethical, cultural, environmental, religious, economic, social, and political complexities the consumption of dairy in India has created since millennia. The film uncovers how India became one of the largest exporters of beef in the world and its direct link to the nation’s dairy industry, along with the negative impacts of this industry on India’s bovine population, public health, environment, and culture, with the aim of finding novel, sustainable and ethical solutions.


Dr. Harsha Atmakuri is a general physician turned documentarian. He came to know about veganism when he was working as a medical writer; and as soon as he chose to be a vegan, he began participating in various animal rights awareness campaigns such as public outreaches, lectures, etc. To make the reach wider he began making short documentary videos and began uploading them on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. As time went on, he decided to quit his job to become a documentarian and undertook an investigative journey to make a film about India’s dairy industry, to find out how India’s dairy and beef industries operate and if there is a link between India being the largest producer of dairy in the world, and in it also being one of the world’s largest exporters of beef. This is his first documentary film project.


The film has been screened across various countries, including India, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, Cambodia, and more. As co-producer of this documentary, we express our gratitude to the dedicated activists, individuals and organizations such as Animal Save India and Animal Alliance Asia for their invaluable support and collaboration. Together, we strive to amplify the message and impact of the film, reaching audiences worldwide and sparking meaningful change.

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