VegVoyages Foundation has been supporting various festivals, conferences, and outreach efforts throughout Asia

Sneha Care’s Kathmandu Veg Fest 2024

The Vegvoyages Foundation is proud to have been a part of Kathmandu Veg Fest 2024, held at the Utpala Cafe in Kathmandu on March 2, 2024. The festival organized by Sneha’s Care drew over 2,000 participants to celebrate the benefits and joys of a vegan lifestyle. The highlights of the festival included delicious vegan food stalls, eco-friendly markets, cooking demos, movie screenings, live entertainment, etc. As proud sponsors of the documentary screening section of the festival, we were thrilled to connect with over 2,000 attendees who’ve joined the festival.

This screening of ‘Maa Ka Doodh’ was a standout moment of the Festival as it was organized in an open space to accommodate more than 200 people. The movie, co-produced by the Vegvoyages Foundation, delivered a compelling narrative on the importance of compassion and empathy towards animals, while uncovering the dairy industry’s hidden secrets. The screening received positive feedback, sparking insightful discussions among the audience.

In alignment with our goal to enhance the festival experience, the festival team strategically placed free food stalls near the movie screening area. This setup allowed attendees to enjoy vegan culinary delights while engaging with the film. Additionally, distributing free vegan food tokens to the movie’s audience further incentivized festival-goers to watch the film. This approach enabled them to explore a diverse range of vegan foods available, making the cinematic experience both enjoyable and flavorful.

Moreover, at the Vegvoyages Foundation stall, we provided the free resource ‘The Plant-Based Hospitality Curriculum’. This curriculum includes vegan recipes and guidance on transforming hospitality/culinary businesses to be vegan-friendly. By distributing this resource, we aim to foster a more vegan-friendly and compassionate future.

The overwhelming success of the Vegan Festival 2024 Nepal has filled us with gratitude and motivation. We are inspired by the community’s enthusiasm and commitment to a plant-based lifestyle and are already looking forward to future events.

The Vegvoyages Foundation extends heartfelt thanks to Sneha’s Care, all participants, vendors, and volunteers who made this festival a memorable celebration. Together, we have taken a significant step towards a more compassionate and sustainable world. 

WVO 8 th Conference and Vegan Festival:


With great honor and pleasure, we cordially invited people to join us in Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia
from May 12 th to 17 th, 2023 to participate in The Indonesian Vegan Festival, the 8 th Annual
World Vegan Organisation’s International Conference and the first edition of World Vegan Film
Festival Asia.

This Vegan Festival was a family-friendly, fun-filled, educational 6-day event celebrating the plant-
based food of the region, focusing on the health, environmental, and animal welfare/rights
benefits of following a plant-based lifestyle and addressing the specific needs and cultural
the sensitivity required for Asia to foster the growth of Veganism.

With a rich (almost three-decades-long) history of VSI and IVS hosting Vegan Festivals in
Indonesia, for the first time, the landmark event featured an ethical section where different
international and local, animal rights and welfare organizations came together to
provide Compassionate/ Animal (Rights) Education to push the animal rights movement forward
in Asia. We aimed to connect Indonesia with the rest of the world and also highlight the progress
the country has been making in the Vegan Movement which has enabled all Vegan Schools and
all Vegan Hospitals in Indonesia, to foster the growth of the vegan movement throughout Asia.

World Vegan Film Festival Asia:

The first of its kind Asia Centric, Independent film festival named ‘The World Vegan Film
Festival Asia’ happpened at the 8 th World Vegan Organisation Conference and Vegan
Festival from 12-14 th , May, 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia, and from 15-17 th May, 2023 in Bali,

This event celebrated original vegan films made across Asia and throughout the globe for
Vegan Advocacy, and also served as a platform to create synergy between emerging
filmmakers and established filmmakers to drive the Vegan Movement Forward more
effectively and efficiently.

The documentaries that expose animal agriculture and the exploitation of animal, the health
films which advocate for a plant-based lifestyle, or the environmental films that link carbon
emission and animal agriculture is often the ‘One size fits all’ West Centric approach. Even if
someone creates Asia-centric vegan films, it fails to reach the mass audience due to a lack of
distribution channels. With this Film Festival, we were able to bridge the cultural and distribution
gaps, so that more people get involved in Vegan Film Making and provide a chance for
grassroots regional film-making.



Vegan India Conference

We have assisted Vegan First (India’s first digital vegan magazine) and World Vegan Organization in
organizing Vegan India Conference in 2019 (the physical event) and 2021(an online event). Global
pioneers of Plant-Based lifestyle and vegan activists from 18 countries came together in the likes of
Keegan Kuhn, Maneka Gandhi, Kuntal Joisher, Seth Tibbott, Ken Spector, Dr. Susianto Tseng and more ,
on 6 th and 7 th July, 2019 in New Delhi.
The online conference in 24-27 th July 2021 had a theme of ‘Evolve 21: Highlighting plant-forward
innovations’ which tackled issues of material technology, innovation, food security, bio-economy
and resource deployment.

Festival Outreach in Nepal

We assisted in one of the biggest plant-based event in Nepal. This landmark event featured
internationally recognized speakers and vegan celebrities; informative exhibitors; entertaining local
musical and dance performances; a fantastic vegan food court and vegan food festival; vegan food and
product bazaar; cooking demonstrations and classes by local and international vegan chefs; movie
screenings; interactive workshops and classes; and a kids activities corner along with vegan fashion
The idea behind the festival would be that it would be a “rotating festival” in different Himalayan cities
and towns every few years, as part of our commitment to helping local activists and grassroots
projects introduce and encourage people to discover and adopt a vegan diet.