Mooring Buoys – Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, we’ve been working with a local dive operator and conservationist to put in mooring buoys near one of the last remaining live reefs in Sri Lanka, called Kayankerni, where people have been dropping anchor on the reef, which of course, kills it. In the next few months (once the lockdown restrictions are lessened), we’ll finally be able to install mooring buoys at the reef with attached tie-ups ropes. We had industrial marine instruction stickers printed in Sinhala, English and Tamil to provide educational instruction for responsible use including: “ANCHORS KILL REEFS”, “TIE HERE”,  and “BEST SNORKELING SPOT HERE” which appear clearly on the buoys.

It contributes to coastal and marine biodiversity by sustaining habitats for flora and fauna, and help to contain coastal erosion.

Vegan Trails – Nepal

Over the coming months, we’ll be completing 3 different Vegan Trails in Nepal, the first of their kind in the Himalayas! These trails were developed with the cooperation of local communities in non-tourist areas of Nepal as a means of providing sustainable tourism opportunities for communities that otherwise would not have them. The vegan trails range from 2-5 day treks complete with spectacular Himalayan views and vegan-friendly homestays (trained in the kitchen as well as in other vegan sensitivities). Workshops hosted by local vegans help the communities “veganize” their family recipes. Laminated checklists and certification courses in the villages and the homes are all provided free of charge. The trails have good “Vegan Trail” signage, maps, and promotion through local tourist boards.

Tree Plantation – Cambodia

Cambodia is a charming and exciting country that will leave you yearning for more. With modern tourism only ‘discovering’ Cambodia at the dawn of the millennium, there are still many undiscovered corners and untold stories in this enchanting nation, which over the centuries has witnessed epic triumphs, as well as survived equally impactful and devastating tragedies.

During our Cambodia trip, travelers are invited to participate in one such project and plant native trees in the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary.We do native tree plantation projects, including community food forests and rewilding in wildlife rescue sanctuaries.

Restoration of Toilets – Laos

In a collaborative effort with our friends from Association Support Lao in Laos, VegVoyages Foundation in Late 2021 worked together to repair and renovate school toilets in rural and economically disadvantaged areas. We worked together to repair school toilets in remote region of Laos as these remote regions often face challenges in accessing resources and maintaining proper hygiene facilities. 

The initiative involved comprehensive renovations and the installation of proper structures for toilets, consistent running water, rethatching of roofs, and painting of the toilets. The installation of proper toilets in schools brings significant benefits to students. It promotes improved hygiene and sanitation practices, reducing the risk of waterborne diseases and enhancing overall well-being. Access to suitable facilities ensures privacy and dignity, creating a more inclusive and comfortable learning environment. With proper toilets, students are more likely to attend school regularly, leading to better educational outcomes and increased opportunities for future success. Furthermore, it instills a sense of empowerment and responsibility among students, fostering a healthier and more conducive educational experience.

We are pleased to share a video showcasing various renovated toilets Laos which were completed in collaboration with our friends at Association Support Lao.

Follow these link to view the video and witness the positive impact we made:

Stove Distribution – Nepal

We conducted induction distribution program in Bhakunde (a community we travel to) where we provided induction stoves to the local households. These stoves use electricity (Nepal uses hydropower to generate electricity) and emit fewer pollutants, making them a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional stoves. By providing these stoves, we not only reduce the impact of our tours on the environment, but we also support the local community by promoting sustainable practices and helping to improve the air quality and overall health of the residents.

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