Thailand Vegan Tour

Thailand 12 days vegan tour

Join Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages for an extraordinary journey to Thailand! Experience sumptuous vegan cuisines, amazing sights, the famous Thailand (Phuket) Vegetarian Festival, and the vibrant culture of this enchanting Asian country. 

What's included?

Vegan Meals

31 Vegan Meals
(11 Breakfasts, 10 Lunches, 10 Dinners)


11 Nights Accommodations
(a combination of a boutique bed & breakfast, a historical riverside heritage villa & traditional bungalows, traditional Thai style cottages near the beach, a boutique inn, and an overnight air-conditioned sleeper train)

Tour Transport

  • Private Air-Conditioned Mini Bus
  • Boats
  • Songthaew
  • Overnight Air-Conditioned Train
  • Local Train
  • Domestic Flight from Phuket to Bangkok (on last day of tour)

Also Included

  • Daily Local Cultural Lessons of Thailand and its People
  • Daily Local Language Lessons
  • Live Traditional Music and Folk Dances
  • Vegan Cooking Class (full course meals)
  • Vegan Cooking Class (Thai salads)
  • Guests of an all-vegetarian Community
  • Introduction to Thai Classical Music & Instruments
  • Full-Day Program at Animal Rescue & Protection Project
  • Vegan Meals with Local Families
  • Fruit Tasting Sessions
  • Meditation Lessons
  • Tai Chi Lessons
  • 2 Hours Traditional Thai Massage Treatments
  • Local Veggie and Spice Market Exploration
  • Vegan Meet-up Dinner with Local Vegans (in Bangkok)
  • All Local Guide Fees
  • All Site Entry Fees
  • Guests of Local Community Educational Program
  • Off-the-beaten-track Bangkok Heritage Walk
  • Participate in Thai Vegetarian Festival Ceremonies
  • Visit Local Temples & Temple-Architecture Lessons
  • Introduction to Theravada Buddhism in Thailand
  • Introduction to Buddhist Monastic Life in Thailand
  • Guests of Theravada Buddhist Monastery

Even More Included

  • Island hopping and Snorkeling Trip in the Andaman Sea
  • Special Seaside Vegan BBQ & Riverside Vegan BBQ
  • Donations to Local Community Welfare Programs
  • Donations to Animal Rescue and Elephant Protection Program
  • Donations to Youth Education Programs
  • Complimentary Refill Water bottle and Unlimited Drinking Water
  • Complimentary Juices, Hard Drinks, and Beers on “Dinner & Drinks” nights
  • Vegan Welcome Package (filled with delicious local vegan snacks) and Tote Bag
  • Community Carbon Offsets to Offset 100% Group’s Carbon Emissions from Flight
  • Airport Pick Up*
  • …and all other activities, entertainment, and entry fees as per the itinerary

Airport picks up is provided if you’re arriving two or a day before the tour start date, and staying at the group’s hotel. If you will be arriving at a much earlier date, please arrange for your own transfer, and meet us on Day 1 at the group’s hotel.

What’s NOT included?

International airfare, personal travel insurance, visa fee to Thailand (if applicable), gratuities/tips, laundry, and other items of a personal nature.

Tour Dates & Pricing

Thailand 12 Days Vegan Tour 2024

$3,575 (USD)

Thailand 12 Days Vegan Tour 2025

$3,575 (USD)

All Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages Adventures runs on a twin share basis. If you are a single traveler, we will pair you up with another single traveler of the same gender. If you would like to have a private room throughout the trip, upon making a booking, please select “yes” for Single Supplement and the cost shown below will be added to your total adventure cost.

$815 for 12 days: Terrific Taste of Thailand Tour

Thailand has been well on the traveler’s map ever since Sean Connery as James Bond was filmed on this country’s strikingly beautiful beaches in “Dr. No” – and there is a good reason for it! Siam (as Thailand was called before) has it all: friendly people, an ancient culture rooted in Buddhist traditions, amazing geography, and delicious food! Experience it all on the Terrific Taste of Thailand adventure where you’ll see the “highlights”, explore places well off-the-beaten-path, be guests of local families and communities, and get a real insight into the people, country, culture, and customs of this legendary Southeast Asian kingdom!

You’ll get to experience all this and more during one of the country’s most interesting and tasty festivals – Thailand’s annual Vegetarian Festival, or Tesagan Kin Jae as it is locally called. Although the roots of this festival can be traced back to the early Chinese community of traders, miners, and merchants who settled in Thailand, the festivities here have taken on their own very unique form.

The religious observances around this truly fascinating (as well as delicious) festival begin on the 1st day of the 9th lunar month of the year when Thai-Chinese forgo meat and animal by-products, along with observing other rituals, for at least 9 days, with ceremonies and celebrations surrounding the festival lasting up to 11 days. For vegetarians, this is a festival not to be missed! Although Thailand is known for its food all year round, the Kin Jae Festival offers vegans something really special. Vegan Noodles, curries, spicy salads, tropical fruits, and Asian-style vegan sweets abound. Food stalls, local eateries, and specially set up markets and restaurants dish out a bounty of Thai and Chinese culinary vegan delicacies – all while flying the yellow “veggie” flag with “Jae”, or “vegetarian”, written boldly on its face in red.

And it’s not just about the food – though we’ll eat plenty of it! It’s also about learning, exploring, and discovering. In Thai society, there is a concept known as “Sanuk”, or “enjoyment/fun” – but it actually means so much more than that which we delve into during this adventure. This is a concept we’ll take to heart during our journey together, whether it’s vegan cooking classes, participating in local ceremonies, Thai language, and cultural lessons, tai chi, island hopping, exploring vibrant bazaars, or enjoying delicious home-cooked meals, music, and dance with local families – we’ll enjoy it all in the tradition of “Sanuk”. New cultures, religions, customs, traditions, cuisines, new friends, and having fun is what the Terrific Taste of Thailand with Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages adventure is all about!


Get day to day insight of the tour.


Sawasdee! Welcome to Bangkok – or Krung Thep as the locals call it! Krung Thep is the shortened version of a much longer title that would take up too much space to include here (it’s the longest name of a city in the world). Krung Thep roughly means “The City of Angels” and for those of you familiar with another “City of Angels” Los Angeles, California, you probably noticed on the way in from the airport that like LA, Bangkok shares many of the same attributes such as loads of buildings and skyscrapers, freeways, concrete structures, congestion, and traffic. However, once you get past all that – wandering its backstreets, byways, and historical lanes – you’ll find a rich and vibrant city full of history and culture! Founded in the 1780s, legendary Bangkok with its temples, canals, high-rises, and superb 24-hour cuisine is truly a unique cosmopolitan city. A definite mix of the old and new, tradition and modernity add spice to this metropolis of 9 million people from various backgrounds including Thai, Chinese, Burmese, Lao, Malay, Khmer, Japanese, Indian, Pakistanis, Nepalese, and Westerners, all of whom call Bangkok their home. Our adventure starts in the morning with our orientation meeting where you’ll have a chance to get to know your fellow travelers as we discuss the adventure ahead. Then, without delay, we’ll head out by foot, vans, and boat to explore Krung Thep’s markets, sacred temples, side streets, back alleys, canals and the Chao Phraya River – the lifeline of the Thai people as much of the country’s history has been based along the river. In the evening after taking in the city’s rich past, we’ll settle down for a Cultural Exchange Dinner with fellow vegans in Bangkok.

Highlights of the Day: 

  • Detailed Orientation Meeting and Introduction to Thai culture, local customs, traditions, history, etiquette, language, cultural do’s and don’ts, and details on the extraordinary Thai Vegetarian Festival.
  • Join our friend and longtime resident of the city, as we explore the back streets and back alleys of old Bangkok.
  • Visit a veggie market and local neighborhoods important to the city’s vegetarian festival and the capital’s veggie story, which is a microcosm of the vegetarian scene in Thailand as a whole.
  • Enjoy lunch at Bangkok’s best veggie food court and 100% vegetarian market.
  • Put together gift baskets at an all-vegetarian mini-market for a local community we’ll be guests of later in the journey.
  • Cruise along the mighty Chao Phraya River in our boat. The Chao Phraya is commonly known as the “River of Kings”. At approximately 370 kilometers long and 150 meters wide at spots, the river, a lifeline and one of the most vital waterways for the people of central Thailand.
  • Visit the majestic Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn with a spire (known as a “prang” in Thai) rising over 70 meters high.
  • Visit the bustling bazaar of Pak Khlong Talat – Bangkok’s biggest flower market, which also has the reputation as also being the city’s best smelling market.

Vegan Meals
Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

I've been on five trips with Vegan Travel Asia (VegVoyages), and I'm trying to arrange a possible sixth one. I've been with them on two trips to India, and one each to Thailand, Malaysia, and Laos. They are top-notch! I started with them because they share my vegan values, but I continue to return because of the amazing service they provide. Very interesting tours, great vegan food, and an abundance of care for the travelers' safety and comfort. They personally get to know you and handle any questions or needs you may have. When I'm on their trips it feels like I'm traveling with friends, which I truly am!


Yesterday marked the official beginning of the Tesagan Kin Jay (Vegetarian Festival) in Thailand. Kin Jay literally means to “eat vegetarian”, and “vegetarian food”, in its strictest sense in Thailand, is referred to as “ahaan jay” (“ahaan” means food). Every year Thais, mostly of Chinese descent, celebrate the “Kin Jay” Festival which is also known as the Festival of the Nine Emperor Gods. The majority of Thais love their meats and surprisingly, given their Buddhist heritage, are not vegan or even vegetarian. In fact, this celebration, which falls during the 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar, is actually Chinese in origin. When Chinese immigrants came to Thailand, they brought their traditions and festivals with them. Over the centuries, the Thai Chinese – and other Thais to varying degrees, have adapted and adopted, as they do so well, this Chinese festival into one of their own.

Although it’s still the Thais with Chinese ancestries who celebrate the festival with the most fervor, many other Thais, in the spirit of “sanuk” (a concept in Thai culture where one should strive to find enjoyment and satisfaction in everything one does) also join in. On one level, it is a spiritual festival full of rituals. On another, it’s a great time to be vegan as the massive variety of veggie food is astonishing – if not downright overwhelming! In the spirit of the festival, in addition to visiting the heart of the city’s festivities, we’ll also spend time focusing on one of the highlights of this celebration – and that is eating some more great vegan cuisine! So be ready to explore more of Bangkok’s markets, sacred temples, side streets, and back alleys as we take in the city’s rich past and learn more about “all-things-veg” in colorful Krung Thep!

Highlights of the Day: 

  • Tai Chi Lessons overlooking old Bangkok’s skyline. In the spirit of the festival, since the Kin Jay celebrations have their origins in Taoist beliefs, we will start the day with Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese discipline whose origins trace back to a Taoist age.
  • Special vegan traditional breakfast feast to start the day.
  • Join our friend and longtime resident of Bangkok as we head out by foot, by canal boat, and then by vans through some of the city’s oldest neighborhoods exploring Krung Thep and the festival from the old to the new.
  • Visit the auspicious Wat Suthat and learn about traditional Thai Theravada Buddhist temple architecture and the temple’s history, which dates back over 200 years.
  • Special vegan lunch at one of Bangkok’s most famous vegan cafés.
  • Visit a local fruit and veggies morning market.
  • Explore Chinatown – the epicenter of the Vegetarian Festival celebration in Bangkok.
  • Special vegan dinner of northeastern Thai classics such as sticky rice, som tam & Isaan fave – larb.
  • Meet with local vegans and activists for dinner.

Vegan Meals
Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

I have only been back in the states a few days from my first Vegan Travel Asia experience and I continue to be at a loss of how to put the experience in words. Our trip to Thailand truly changed our lives. I have traveled throughout Asia before, I've been part of tours groups in multiple countries but nothing can compare to a Veg Voyages trip. At least 80% of the activities we participated in, the placed we went and the people we met we would have never been able to do as solo travelers or really with any other travel company. It is clear that these tours are built by individuals who live, know and understand these communities and have deep cultural connections to it. To that end there is love poured into every experience you will have on a Veg Voyages tour and you can feel it. Also, my fellow travelers were a diverse mix of like minded people from all over North America with such a wealth of life experience. I came away with a whole new list of resources for just about every part of everyday life and a hankering for panang curry for breakfast every morning. We look forward to traveling with Veg Voyages for decades to come. As I told cofounder Zac multiple times during our trip "you're stuck with me now!

DAY 3 MAE KLONG – Traditional Thai Home along the Mae Klong River

From the Chao Phraya River to the Gulf of Thailand, our journey today will take us by road, train, boat, and foot as we head south to Mae Klong. Located along the banks of the river that bears its name, and a short distance from the Gulf of Thailand, this will be our home for the next three days where we’ll be staying in a lovely historical villa and traditional Thai bungalows located on the edge of the river’s calm flowing waters. Here we’ll focus on learning about Thai culture and the local way of life – and of course, enjoy plenty of great Thai food! The Kin Jay Festival, though it became famous for its celebrations in Phuket, is celebrated throughout the country. One of the most auspicious of Thai-Chinese holidays, Thai-Chinese make up roughly 14% of the population and the fact that many Thai’s also participate in the ceremonies means that throughout Thailand the festival is also celebrated. So as we journey by rail, river, and road – be on the lookout for the yellow flags with red letters as we get off-the-beaten-track to celebrate the Kin Jay Festival! Arriving in the afternoon, we’ll have a mouthwatering curry-tasting session for lunch. After lunch, you’ll have time to relax, read a book by the riverside, or simply take a nap listening to the sounds of the water. As the sun sets over the Mae Klong, we’ll settle down for tonight’s cultural culinary experience where we’ll learn to make fresh spring rolls and spicy Thai salads.

Highlights of the Day: 

  • Tai Chi Lessons overlooking old Bangkok’s skyline.
  • Special vegan traditional breakfast feast to start the day.
  • A train journey down to the shores of the Gulf of Thailand.
  • Fresh fruit tasting session of the tastiest local fruit in season – accompanied by refreshing local cold drinks.
  • Vegan Curry Tasting Session along the shores of the mighty Mae Klong River where we’ll be tasting an eclectic variety of traditional Thai curries – all 100% veganized especially for us!
  • Learn to make Thailand’s famous fresh vegan spring rolls and spicy salads!

Vegan Meals
Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner & Drinks

If there is one thing in life I must share with the world, is to recommend VegVoyages. I was very impressed with our hosts and itinerary. They educate us on Thai culture, fed us some of the finest Thai food you will encounter which was second to none. I cannot praise them enough..

DAY 4 MAE KLONG – Traditional Thai Home along the Mae Klong River

Its rich history dating back centuries, Mae Klong, as the town is referred to locally, and its surroundings are home to canals, important rivers, expanses of fruit and vegetable farms, salt pans, small villages, historical temples and not to be overlooked as we saw on our way in by train yesterday – it is home to markets! So today while we are out and about, please take note of all the local bazaars there are from the railway market to the local market scenes along the Mae Klong river. This morning, we will be guests of a local educational institution where students and teachers have prepared a special program to share with us, and in the spirit of the festival, we’ll be serving up a vegan lunch for them. In the late afternoon, after being guests of a prominent local monk who will introduce us to monastic life in Thailand, we’ll settle down back at our home along the Mae Klong where you’ll have time to relax and freshen up for the evening. As the sun sets over the calm waters of the river, we’ll head out on the mighty Mae Klong and its many canals passing through a popular floating market before joining a local family at their riverside home for a colorful evening of music, drinks, and delicious home-cooked vegan dishes for dinner!

Highlights of the Day: 

  • Guests of teachers and students at a local educational institute for kids from economically disadvantaged families.
  • Guests of a senior Buddhist Monk at a sacred local Buddhist temple and monastery for an introduction to daily monastic life in Thailand.
  • Vipassana Meditation session.
  • Explore by longtail boats the lifeline of the region – the region’s many local canals.
  • Guests of a local family at their riverside home for a delicious home-cooked vegan dinner.
  • Learn about Thai classical instruments from local maestros.
  • Enjoy a delicious home-cooked vegan Thai meal of local favorites with our hosts and friends.

Vegan Meals
Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner & Drinks

My wife and I traveled to Thailand with Vegan Travel Asia (VegVoyages Vegan Adventures). We are both vegan and we wanted a vacation where we didn’t have to worry about where to eat and what to do. This certainly was the vacation to take. It was a trip of a lifetime! We had so much fun learning about Thai culture, eating Thai Vegan food, and getting to know the Thai people. The staff of VegVoyages made us feel welcome, secure, and not in need of anything. Zac and the rest of the team identified and mitigated concerns before we even had a chance to realize they were concerns! They coordinated different vans, trains, subways, boats, hotels, restaurants, guides, and sites of interest in a perfectly seamless and organized way that came together perfectly. There was never a single concern about where you were going to eat, sleep, where you were going, or what you were doing. It was truly amazing how they were able to pull together all of these tasks. We got to go on many ‘off the beaten track’ tours, which we would never have seen if we went to Thailand by ourselves. We visited historic sites, were instructed by very knowledgeable guides, and attended events that coincided with our visit there. Every day was something new, exciting, and well-planned, with amazing Vegan food to boot. We couldn’t ask for more. We can’t wait for our next trip with Veg Voyages. Thank you so much to Zac and Yusi for putting together this wonderful trip along with Aurelia from Veg News and our daily guide Tippie as well as the many guides, teachers, chefs, monks, and others that we met along the way. Together you all make a wonderful team. See you soon!

DAY 5 MAE KLONG – Traditional Thai Home along the Mae Klong River

Today we’ll join a wildlife rescue center where we’ll lend a hand toward their daily activities. An important sanctuary, shelter, and rehab, the center offers a clinic, refuge, and home for previously abused and exploited animals. The center’s patients, residents, and friends include everything from gibbons to macaques, bears to langurs, civets to hornbills, and even elephants. We’ll spend our time at this important wildlife shelter helping out wherever we can and learning about the plight of the animals not only at this sanctuary but also throughout Thailand. As the colors of the day turn to night over the Mae Klong, we’ll enjoy a tasty riverside vegan BBQ complete with drinks and traditional Thai classical dance!

Highlights of the Day:

  • Guests of an important sanctuary, shelter, and rehab program for abused and exploited animals. Learn about the important work the rescue center does and help out wherever we can.
  • Traditional Thai classical program by local classical Thai dance students.
  • Special tasty riverside vegan BBQ – complete with refreshing local drinks.

Vegan Meals
Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner & Drinks

Unforgettable Vegan Adventure in Thailand with Vegvoyages - Vegan Tours. We recently travelled with Vegvoyages on their Thailand Tour. It was an amazing experience. - Warm Welcome: Our adventure started in Bangkok with a wonderful welcome, immersing us in the local vegan scene and Thai culture. - Culinary Delights: From the delicious vegan breakfasts at Feung Nakorn Kitchen to exploring Bangkok's vibrant vegetarian markets, every meal was a treat. The vegan versions of Northeastern Thai classics like sticky rice, som tam, and larb were exceptional. - Cultural Experiences: The itinerary brilliantly intertwined cultural explorations with culinary experiences. We enjoyed Tai Chi sessions, visited historical temples like Wat Arun, and learned about Thailand's rich history along the Chao Phraya River. - Community Engagement: A highlight was our visit to a local school, where we shared a vegan lunch with students and teachers, experiencing the spirit of the Tesegan Kin Jay festival. - Scenic Journeys: Traveling to Mae Klong by train, boat, and foot offered scenic views and unique experiences, like the market on the train tracks and the serene Mae Klong River. - Local Insights: Visiting local markets, engaging with monks at Wat Ban Laem, and understanding the role of these markets in Thai culture was enlightening. An exceptional holiday, meticulously organised by Vegvoyages, offering an authentic and enriching vegan experience in Thailand. Highly recommended!


Meeting down by the riverside, we’ll have our last breakfast on the banks of the Mighty Mae Klong before boarding our vans and heading to the historical town of Nakhon Pathom. This will be the first part of our journey today by road and rail, where we’ll traverse the back roads of central Thailand from Samut Songkhram to Nakhon Pathom before catching our train in the evening for Surat Thani – and then heading out to the beautiful beaches and sandy shores of the Andaman Sea! Our first stop today will be at a unique local community that strictly follows the original precepts of Buddhism, so the village is happily 100% vegetarian! As guests of this self-sustaining vegetarian village, we’ll learn about their way of life and join them for lunch. From the village, we’ll make our way to a majestic Chedi whose origin dates back to the 3rd century BC. In the evening you will have a chance to freshen up for a couple of hours at a local hotel before we enjoy a tasty vegan dinner and then catch the overnight express sleeper train to Southern Thailand!

Highlights of the Day:

  • Guests of an all 100% vegetarian village as they live according to the original precepts of Buddhism.
  • Visit the impressively massive Pra Pathom Chedi – one of the world’s largest stupas whose history dates back over 1,000 years.
  • Special dinner of local Nakhon Pathom delicacies all veganized just for us, accompanied by refreshing local drinks.
  • Hop aboard the overnight sleeper express train to the south of Thailand.

Vegan Meals
Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner & Drinks

We truly appreciate all your efforts to make the Thailand trip the best vacation we've ever experienced! Your attention to detail is impeccable. We will always cherish the memories we created on this trip!

DAY 7 BAAN NAM KHEM – Traditional Thai Villas near the Andaman Sea

Waking up on board the train in Southern Thailand, we’ll meet our vans and make our way through the stunning scenery of limestone cliffs, lush rainforests, and rubber plantations on our way to the tranquil picturesque coast of the Andaman Sea. For the next three days, we’ll be staying just outside a quaint village in traditional Thai bungalows set around a serene garden just a short walk from the beach. After six busy days in Bangkok, Mae Klong, and Nakhon Pathom, it’s time to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy life in the tropics. This afternoon, we’ll catch the sunset over the Andaman Sea while enjoying refreshing sunset drinks and a beachside vegan BBQ!

Highlights of the Day:

  • A scenic drive from the Gulf of Thailand to the Andaman Sea taking in stunning views of limestone karst, rolling hills and jagged mountains, rice paddies, and rubber plantations.
  • Sunset drinks and tasty local snacks as we catch the sunset over the Andaman Sea.
  • Seaside Traditional Thai BBQ with delectable delicacies and dishes prepared Southern Thai style – all made especially vegan just for us!

Vegan Meals
Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner & Drinks

We just finished our soo-wonderful tour of Southern Thailand with Vegan Travel Asia (VegVoyages). This tour was much more than we had hoped for. Because of VegVoyages remarkable thought and planning my wife and I have gained so much understanding of Thailand and its culture. Should we have taken a ‘standard’ Thai tour I’m certain we would have seen and experienced much less. During these dozen days, we had cooking classes, language instruction, riverboat cruises, a comfortable overnight train trip, visited a grade school where we taught them English and they taught us Thai (lots of laughs), a few monk visits, an animal sanctuary, a resort on the Andaman Sea (such warm water, sandy sea bed floor, and fabulous sunsets), and a beautiful cruise off Phuket where the snorkeling was great as was jumping off the top of the boat. I could go on much longer with lots of details. Oh, and food, and food, and food. Learn how to say “Please no more! I am full.” It was quite apparent that VegVoyages had invested a great deal of thought into making this tour as exceptional as it was. I was often impressed by their abilities to expose us to the culture through our various day trips in addition to the locally owned small hotels and local restaurants. Daily details appeared, behind the scenes, from the always smiling Aurelia (though she is not Thai she shares her wonderful smile with this culture of smiles). “Tippie” was our Thai-born guide whom we came to love. With humor and smiles she taught us some Thai - so much more. Lastly is the great Zac. He is a co-creator of VegVoyages. It is easy to have considerable respect for Zac as he is one of those remarkable people one seldom meets. Zac was so careful in so many details. We all felt so cared for. It was obvious he wanted to do best by us, and best by the animals for which we share this world. He has a remarkable breadth of knowledge and wisdom, integrity, and a moral compass. Rather amazing.

DAY 8 BAAN NAM KHEM – Traditional Thai Villas near the Andaman Sea

We’ll start the morning with a peaceful meditation session where we’ll be introduced to one of the world’s most ancient meditation techniques, Vipassana. The roots of Vipassana go back thousands of years. It is often misconstrued, and debated, that Gautama Buddha discovered Vipassana Meditation, whereas maybe more correctly said that the Buddha “rediscovered” it – and brought it back to life as much of his 45 years of teaching revolved around Vipassana-based practices as a way of alleviating suffering. With the teachings of the Buddha, Vipassana practice would spread and thrive for over 5 centuries, until it gradually began to decline. By the 10th and 11th centuries, Vipassana had nearly disappeared from Buddhist practices, except a small few who included those believed to be an unbroken chain of teachers who then passed it down over generations. Thankfully, by the late 18th century Vipassana Meditation was rediscovered again, but this time in Burma. It then grew in popularity throughout the 19th and into the 20th century in Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Laos, and then, throughout the world. This morning we’ll have our first of three morning meditation sessions. Then, we’re off into old Takuapa Town to experience the Tesagan Kin Jay celebrations off-the-beaten-track in rural Thailand. As mentioned, the Vegetarian Festival is not just celebrated in the big cities but is very much alive in smaller towns throughout the country – especially in Southern Thailand, where Chinese immigrants have settled over the centuries bringing with them their culture, way of life, and traditions. In the evening, we’ll enjoy sunset drinks by the seaside along with a tasty vegan feast for dinner.

Highlights of the Day:

  • Guided Vipassana Meditation Session. Coming from the Pali words for “inward vision, insight, clear-seeing” or “seeing deeply”, Vipassana is recorded as one of the world’s most ancient meditation forms.
  • A special vegan feast for breakfast – bring your appetite!
  • Join a longtime local resident, and participant in the Vegetarian Festival, and explore the Tesagan Kin Jay festivities and celebrations in old Takuapa!
  • A cultural program organized by kids from the local community.
  • Sunset drinks and local vegan snacks over the Andaman Sea.
  • Special vegan feast by the seaside.

Vegan Meals
Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner & Drinks

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you are in the world to guide people like me to amazing adventures in life. I so enjoyed my time in Thailand and will forever be different somehow now. Thank you for all your passion and dedication during this trip. I will tell all my friends that a trip with you has to happen in their lifetime!

DAY 9 BAAN NAM KHEM – Traditional Thai Villas near the Andaman Sea

Another day in our lovely tropical paradise by the beach! After a peaceful meditation session in the morning, we’ll enjoy a delicious spread of vegan fusion delicacies for breakfast followed by our “Everything You Wanted to Know About Thai Culture but Were Afraid to Ask Cultural Q&A Session with Khun Tippie”. Then, it’s time for Culinary Experience cooking class where we’ll learn how to make a tasty vegan Thai feast and have them for lunch! Since this will be our last afternoon on the beach, we wanted you to be able to relax and take it all in at your own pace. You can take a trip to the nearby town for shopping, sunbathe, take a dip in the sea, or simply relax by the pool. Our team will be standing by if you need any help, and we will be providing a shuttle car to take you to town and bring you back to the hotel. In the late afternoon, we’ll meet up for another amazing sunset drink by the beach and a delicious local vegan fusion feast for dinner by the seaside.

Highlights of the Day:

  • Guided Vipassana Meditation Session.
  • A special vegan feast for breakfast – bring your appetite!
  • Cultural Q&A Session – Everything You Wanted to Know About Thai Culture but Were Afraid to Ask Q&A with Khun Tippie.
  • Cultural Culinary Experience – a delectably, delicious Thai cooking class!
  • Sunset drinks and local vegan snacks as we catch the sunset over the Andaman Sea.
  • Special vegan fusion feast by the seaside.

Vegan Meals
Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner & Drinks


Today, we’ll journey to the epicenter of the Kin Jay Festival in Thailand – the island of Phuket, where we’ll explore the historical lanes and back alleys of the old town, learning about the rich cultural heritage of the community from which the festival took its roots and enjoy a tasty vegan lunch of delectable local island delicacies! Phuket’s unique cuisine owes its great taste to the mix of different cultures that have called the area home for centuries. The fusion of Thai, Malay, and Chinese recipes is what makes the island’s cuisine not only unique but as you’ll experience today is downright tasty! Throughout its history, Phuket has been a port of call for ships that would use it as a safe harbor during long journeys. These ships would later come for the island’s resources and trade. One of the island’s resources that caught the eye of merchants (and invaders) was tin. Tin would become one of the most instrumental factors in Phuket’s development in the 19th century attracting thousands of Chinese who settled and worked the mines. These immigrants brought with them their traditions and beliefs, including the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, which would later lead to what is commonly called the Vegetarian Festival. We’ll meet up in the evening and set out to the epicenter of the vegetarian festival for the closing ceremonies where the Gods are bid farewell as they return to heaven – so be ready for an unforgettable night as the celebrations are truly epic!

Highlights of the Day:

  • Guided Vipassana Meditation Session.
  • A special vegan feast for breakfast – bring your appetite!
  • Guests of the foremost expert on the Tesagan Kin Jay at one of the festival’s most auspicious shrines, and will learn about the origins of the festival.
  • Celebrate the closing ceremonies of the Tesagan Kin Jay in the heart of it all, as the Gods are bid farewell to and return to the heavens.

Vegan Meals
Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner



Today it’s time to explore the surrounding waters, islands, coves, and bays of the Andaman Sea! So put on the bathing suit and slap on some sunblock as we’ll be exploring both above and below the water and don’t forget to bring your camera, binoculars, sarong (great for on the boat), and towel (we’ll provide you a towel in the morning in the lobby), as we’ll be out until the late afternoon. The dress code on the boat today is a bathing suit, flip-flops, t-shirt, and a sarong as we enjoy taking in the natural beauty off the western coast of Thailand. Returning to shore, we’ll make our way back to our hotel where you’ll have time to freshen up and relax before we meet in the evening for tonight’s cultural culinary experience – our farewell feast…a Phuket Peranakan Farewell Party – where we’ll enjoy some of the old town’s best vegan classics along with a selection of unique and refreshing local drinks!

Highlights of the Day:

  • A full day of island hopping and snorkeling as we head out on our boat and into the warm beautifully blue waters of the Andaman Sea!
  • Delicious vegan lunch on board our boat with spectacular views of the Andaman Sea and the coast of Phuket.
  • Festive farewell dinner party complete with live music and a variety of Phuket Peranakan vegan fusion dishes.

Vegan Meals
Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner & Drinks

I have NEVER been so impressed by a tour company! Besides learning more than I have ever learned in my travels, I have never been cared for so wonderfully! I can truly go CAREFREE! My only job is to pack and arrive, seriously! I can't wait for another adventure with VegVoyages!


After 11 days traveling together from the capital streets of Bangkok to the banks of the mighty Mae Klong River, from an all veggie-village and the chedi of Nakhon Pathom to the serene shores of the Andaman Sea outside of Takuapa and the centuries-old back alleys and sensational celebrations of old Phuket, this will be our last morning together before everyone heads back home. After brunch, we will say goodbye to Phuket and head to the airport to catch our flight back to the big city of Bangkok. Thank you very much again for traveling with us! Have a safe trip back home!

Highlights of the Day:

  • Flight from Phuket to Bangkok.

Vegan Meals
Included Today: Breakfast

These people don't mess around! You will be taken well off-the-beaten path, not surrounded by tourists. You will see some amazing things, at times I felt like I was in a movie. You will feel safe and well taken care of, and they will keep feeding you until you burst! The owners are wonderful people. They're incredibly organized. They handle all the administrative details of arranging transportation, checking in to hotels, navigating around, etc. - from the moment the van picked us up at the airport, all we had to do is show up when they told us to show up. It's not all beaches and decadence (although there's some of that) - you'll meet real people, learn about the culture, and see challenges facing the country. It was our best trip ever.

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