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  • The tourism industry is responsible for 8% of Global Emissions.
  • According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Animal Agriculture contributes 14.5% to Global Carbon Emissions.
  • Plant-based sales boast 21% growth since 2020 in Europe.

In a world where conscious consumerism and sustainability are not just trends but essentials, the ‘The Plant-Based Hospitality Guide Book – How to be a Specialist in Asia’ Curriculum emerges as a tool for the hospitality and culinary industry — and it’s completely free. This guidebook-style curriculum, a collaboration between Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages, VegVoyages Foundation, Plant Based Treaty, and Animal Climate and Health Save India, is a ground-breaking step towards a more compassionate and sustainable world.

What We Offer

This curriculum accessible to everyone as a free resource, is tailored for hospitality management students, restaurants, and hotels. It’s designed to provide straightforward steps to transform kitchens and supplies vegan-friendly, addressing ingredient understanding, accessibility, substitutions, and more. 

The Plant-Based Hospitality Guide Book – Asia is more than just a compilation of recipes and techniques; it is a step towards a compassionate and sustainable hospitality industry.  By adopting this curriculum, you contribute to 8 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including Zero Hunger, Good Health, Industry Innovation, and Climate Action.

Join the Movement

Whether you’re a hospitality professional, an aspiring chef, or a culinary enthusiast, we invite you to be part of this transformative journey to integrate vegan-friendly practices by signing up for Plant-Based Culinary Transformation Course at Embrace diversity, celebrate inclusivity, and make a positive impact on our ecosystems and communities.



  • Expanded Customer Base: By incorporating vegan options, businesses can attract not only vegans but also health-conscious and environmentally aware customers.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: Adopting vegan practices reflects a commitment to sustainability and ethical choices, improving brand reputation and customer loyalty.
  • Innovative Menu Options: Learning to veganize menus offers culinary innovation, setting the business apart in a competitive market.
  • Operational Excellence: Adapting kitchens and staff training for vegan requirements leads to improved operational efficiency and service quality.
  • Market Competitiveness: With the growing trend towards plant-based lifestyles, being vegan-friendly positions businesses at the forefront of market demands.
  • Effective Marketing Strategies: Utilizing targeted marketing tools and platforms like HappyCow and ABillionVeg can significantly enhance the business’s online presence and reach within Plant-based Community.

Encouraging plant-based dining is a powerful way to reduce carbon emissions, as shown in our chart comparing the environmental impact of different diets. By offering plant-based food options, you can help travelers lower their carbon footprint. 

At Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages, we’ve embraced this practice as a core part of our ethical commitment. We not only offer plant-based meals but also have implemented strategies to ensure that our operations reduce more carbon than we produce. We serve as an example of how travel companies can contribute positively to the environment while providing sustainable and ethical dining choices.

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Both the Curriculum and the brochure are available for download in PDF format. Simply click on the respective links, save the files to your device, and access them anytime, anywhere.

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Download ‘The Plant-Based Hospitality Guide Book – How to be a Specialist in Asia’
This guidebook-style resource is your key to unlocking a world of sustainable and compassionate practices in the hospitality industry.

Ready to Transform Your Business?
Contact us to host the workshop on the curriculum and join us in creating vegan-friendly spaces that thrive on inclusion, respect, and compassion.

  • Duration & Flexibility We understand the varying needs of different establishments. That’s why we offer the Vegan Hospitality Curriculum in two formats:
    1. Comprehensive Session: A detailed 5-hour workshop, covering all aspects of vegan hospitality in depth.
    2. Brief Session: A condensed 3-hour workshop, focusing on the essentials for a quick yet thorough understanding.
  • Certification: Upon completion of the workshop, establishments will be assessed and certified as vegan-friendly. This certification acknowledges your commitment to sustainable practices and can significantly enhance your establishment’s appeal in the market.
  • You can also enroll virtually at for free, Complete the course, ace the exams, and earn an international certificate that elevates your professional profile. Our chatbot +91 9004864016 has made it really easy.

A Call to Activists and Organizations: Be Part of the Change
Are you passionate about promoting sustainable, vegan-friendly practices in the hospitality industry? We invite activists and organizations dedicated to environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and plant-based lifestyles to join us in bringing the curriculum to life in their respective community.

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With an aim to make Asia Vegan-Friendly, we have partnered with the Animal Climate and Health Save Foundation and Thrive Philanthropy to bring hands-on workshops to various countries in Asia teaching the Plant-based Hospitality Curriculum.

We recently organized three workshops in Udaipur, benefiting over 325 students and chefs.

  1. May 6: The Plant-Based Hospitality Curriculum Workshops commenced at the Centre of Excellence for Tourism Training (CETT) at Mohanlal Sukhadia University (MLSU), specifically targeting culinary experts.
  2. May 7: A session was jointly organized by the Tourism and Hotel Management Programme at the MLSU University Guest House, welcoming a mix of students and professionals from the Tourism and Hotel Association of Udaipur. Distinguished attendees included Prof. Dr. Sunita Mishra, Vice Chancellor of MLSU, and Bhanwar Baisa Mohlakshika Kumari Mewar of Udaipur as the Guest of Honour.
  3. May 8: The series concluded at the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering, and Tourism, focusing on students of the institute.

Each workshop participant received insightful training, a copy of the curriculum, an international level certificate, and plant-based meals—all completely free of charge. The workshops were met with enthusiastic participation, highlighting the growing interest in sustainable culinary practices.

Media Coverage

Our workshops have garnered significant attention and have been featured in various local news outlets, including Dainik Bhaskar, Rajasthan Patrika, Dainik Navjyoti, Jai Rajasthan, Punjab Kesari, Mahanagar Times, Vagad Dutt Dungarpur, Youth Ki Awaaz, Atma Ki Jwala, and Agamya Media. These features underscore our commitment to promoting vegan lifestyles and sustainable practices across the region.

Some feature include:

We are all set to launch our workshops in Bhutan in late July, followed by events in other countries. Stay tuned for more updates.