We are thrilled to share an exciting project that’s close to our hearts—Bhakunde, a beautiful rural village in Baglung, Nepal. It’s a special community that we often visit with our Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages travelers during the 14 Days Nepal Vegan Tour in Nepal. We’ve rolled up our sleeves to introduce clean cooking stoves to this incredible place, and the results are beyond inspiring!

Recognizing the significant impact travel can have on the environment, we have taken the initiative to organize Carbon Conscious Trips as a part of our commitment to Sustainable and Responsible Travel. We are happy to report that:

'All our trips since 2023 are Carbon Conscious trips.'

In order to attain carbon consciousness, we’ve committed to offsetting three times the carbon emissions our trips produce. This ensures our travels not only leave minimal footprints but also actively contribute to environmental betterment.

As a part of this initiative, we have introduced a clean cooking stove which also addresses the challenges faced by the local residents, particularly with traditional cooking methods. 

In our efforts to reach more communities and encourage the use of the stoves, we have introduced a clean stove kit. This kit comprises an induction stove and a pressure cooker, which save energy as well as time. Last March during our Nepal tour, the travelers participated in the distribution and training of the stoves. We distributed 25 stoves in Bhakunde and 25 stoves in Baglung Bazaar to local women’s groups.

To date, we have successfully introduced 100 induction stoves into Baglung’s households! 

These stoves are expected to offset a staggering 1000 tons of carbon over a decade, contributing substantially to environmental conservation. — and we’re only getting started, and have no plan of stopping. 

We’ve also hosted comprehensive training sessions to ensure that community members can maximize the benefits of these stoves. Knowledge is power, and we’re spreading it!

  • EDUCATION: Recognizing that a stove is only as effective as its user, we’ve prioritized comprehensive training sessions. By empowering the locals with knowledge, we ensure they can extract maximum benefits from these stoves.
  • ENGAGEMENT: Our regular visits to Bhakunde aren’t just for sightseeing—they facilitate close monitoring of the stove usage. This hands-on approach allows us to preemptively address any challenges, ensuring the stoves remain a beneficial fixture in these homes.
  • COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: From the very beginning, we engaged the “Aama Samuha” (Mother’s Group) to ensure this project resonates with genuine local needs. Their involvement has been instrumental in every phase, from inception and distribution to workshops. We have provided them with warranty cards for the stove so that they can take the initiative to pursue any repairs that might be necessary, that is why we chose a local brand (an electric stove brand produced in Nepal).
  • COMMUNICATION: Our communication channels with Bhakunde residents are always open. Their feedback is invaluable, and we act upon their experiences, concerns, and suggestions without delay.
  • TRANSPARENCY: To ensure our carbon offset estimations remain genuine, we have chosen to offset three times the carbon we claim to omit.

Beyond the numbers, these stoves represent a paradigm shift for Bhakunde and Baglung: 

Health Benefits: With the traditional reliance on firewood waning, indoor air pollution—a major contributor to respiratory diseases, especially among women—will see a sharp decline. Reports from local health posts show a high prevalence of respiratory diseases among women—this initiative aims to turn those stats around. We’re not just targeting carbon footprints; we’re looking to drastically improve health metrics. 

Sustainable Energy: These stoves use Nepal’s rich hydroelectricity resource, combining environmental conservation with the nation’s energy strategy. 

Economic Relief: Residents now enjoy shortened cooking times and decreased fuel costs—a win for the environment and household budgets. Not only do they diminish reliance on firewood—but also help to curb deforestation

The community’s reception? Overwhelmingly positive. Their enthusiastic embrace of this initiative underlines its significance and impact.


The residents of Bhakunde and Baglung have welcomed this initiative with open arms and are already experiencing the benefits. Endless thanks to our local partners, generous donors, and Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages travelers for making this project a reality.