Awesome Destinations

Visit and explore new destinations, new countries, new places with VegVoyages. Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages offers you unique small-group vegan tours and adventure travel in Asia. Experience, explore, and immerse yourself in the amazing culture of India, Thailand, Laos, Bali, Sumatra, Cambodia, Nepal, South India, Sri Lanka and Bhutan with VegVoyages.

Explore remote villages, centuries-old royal palaces, and mystical ancient Hindu temples.
Visit the Largest Volcanic Lake in the World and learn first-hand about the fight to save the Orangutan and Indonesia’s rainforests!
Experience sumptuous cuisines, amazing sights, and the vibrant culture of this enchanting Asian country.
Journey into the heart of Khmer cultural and culinary traditions, and the magnificent temples of Angkor.
Explore Bali’s back roads and beyond as we take in the fascinating culture, countryside, and cuisines!
Experience Laos, the land of people of the heart, the gem of Indochina!
Journey into the heart and soul of the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon!
Get off the beaten path and journey with us to the incredible Island of Serendib!
Experience ancient traditions, formidable snow capped peaks, delicious foods, stunning centuries-old architectures.
Malaysia is a vibrant fusion of people, cultures, religions, architecture and cuisines.