India Vegan Tour

14 Day Vegan Tour in Rajasthan

Join our family and friends as we take you on an epic vegan adventure into the heart and soul of the princely state of Rajasthan, India! Immerse yourself into the cultures, traditions, and communites of this historically rich and fascinating region for 14 days. Explore remote off-the-beaten-track villages, live in centuries-old royal palaces, and explore mystical ancient Hindu temples, bustling bazaars, and medieval desert towns while enjoying delicious local vegan cuisines!

What's included?

Vegan Meals

38 Vegan meals
(13 Breakfasts, 13 Lunches, and 12 Dinners)


13 Nights Accommodations
(a combination of heritage hotels, Maharajah’s palaces, charming bed & breakfast, and Raja’s remote desert palace)

Tour Transport

  • Private Air-Conditioned Minivans
  • Rickshaws

Also Included

  • Daily Local Cultural Lessons
  • Daily Hindi Language Lessons
  • Vegan Cooking Class
  • Traditional Yoga Lessons
  • Live Traditional Music & Folk Dances
  • Exploring Local Bazaars and Markets
  • Keoladeo Ghana National Park Entry Fee
  • Keoladeo Ghana National Park Private Naturalist Guide
  • Safari in the Keoladeo Ghana National Park Bird Sanctuary
  • Ranthambore National Park Tiger Reserve Entry Fee
  • Safaris in Ranthambore National Park Tiger Reserve Private with Naturalist Guides
  • All Local Guide Fees
  • All Site Entry Fees
  • Vegan Meals with Local Families
  • Guests of Local Grassroots Educational Program
  • Guests of Local Villages and Communities
  • Taj Mahal Entry Fee
  • Fatehpur Sikri Entry Fee
  • Keoladeo Ghana National Park Entry Fee
  • Keoladeo Ghana Private Naturalist Guide
  • Udaipur City Palace Entry Fee

Even More Included

  • Boat Trip in Udaipur
  • Daily bottled water
  • Jaipur City Palace Entry Fee
  • Amber Fort Entry Fee
  • Participate in an Ancient Aarti (Hindu Ritual) ceremony
  • Introduction to Hinduism Program
  • Introduction to India’s favorite past time – Cricket
  • Other Palace, Forts, and Museum Entry Fees
  • Heritage Walk in old Udaipur
  • Visit the Epic Chand Baoli step-well, the largest step-well in India
  • Visit the awe-inspiring “marble-marvel” Ranakpur Jain Temple
  • Donations to Local Community & Educational Programs
  • Guest of Local Animal Rescue and Sanctuary
  • Complimentary Refill Water bottle and Unlimited Drinking Water
  • Complimentary Juices, Hard Drinks, and Beers on “Dinner & Drinks” nights*
  • Vegan Welcome Package and Tote Bag
  • Airport Pick Up**
  • … and all other activities, entertainment, and entry fees as per the itinerary

* Wine is not included on the Dinner & Drinks night.

** Airport arrival pick-up is provided for free if you arrive on the day the tour start, a day before or two days before the tour start, and staying at our hotel. If you will be arriving much earlier, please kindly arrange your own transport. Thank you.

What’s NOT included?

International flight, visa, tips, departure transfer, camera fees at sites.

Tour Dates & Pricing

India – Rajasthan Vegan Tour 2024 (August)

$3,595 (USD)

India – Rajasthan Vegan Tour 2024 (November)

$3,595 (USD)

India – Rajasthan Vegan Tour 2025 (February)

$3,595 (USD)

India – Rajasthan Vegan Tour 2025 (July)

$3,595 (USD)

India – Rajasthan Vegan Tour 2025 (October)

$3,595 (USD)

All Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages Adventures runs on a twin share basis. If you are a single traveler, we will pair you up with another single traveler of the same gender. If you would like to have your own room throughout the trip, upon making a booking, please select “yes” for Single Supplement and the cost shown below will be added to your total adventure cost.

$690 for 12 days: North India Vegan Adventure

For centuries, Rajputs have been known for their bravery, courage, warmth, and hospitality. Recognized as a fearless warrior community, they ruled Rajputana, one of the most colorful Indian states, for hundreds of years. Their majestic palaces, impregnable fortresses, and extravagant gardens are a testament to their architectural prowess. Rajasthan, as illustrated through paintings, pictures, and travelogues, is known for its desert kingdoms, scenic villages, maharajahs, caravans crossing vast deserts, vibrant dances, charming folk music, intricately carved temples, and wall murals, tasty cuisines, and brightly attired people whose clothes stand out in an otherwise arid landscape. And though this is all true and on this India Vegan Group Tour, you’ll be witnessing much of this while here, to us, it is also home to so much more than that.

The state of Rajasthan takes its name from the Rajput community (Rajasthan is derived from the words “Land of Kings” – kings in this sense being referred to as the Rajput princes/rulers; Rajput comes from the word Rajputra, which means “sons of kings”), but Rajasthan, like other states in India, and indeed India as a whole, is a conglomeration of many ethnic groups who have settled and called the region their home not just for generations, but for centuries and in cases, for over thousands of years and who have all contributed to what we know as Rajasthan, and India, today.

We invite you to come join Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages on a 14-day journey with our family and friends being guests at centuries-old palaces, exploring ancient Hindu and Jain temples, taking in the stunning Taj Mahal— perhaps one of the world’s most famous monuments — and the urban bustle of the big “Pink City” of Jaipur, going on safari into the famous Tiger conservation reserve of the Ranthambore National Park, and gettng well off the beaten track in rural back road villages and medieval desert oasis towns. Not only will you visit the must-see highlights of this mysterious land, but you’ll journey off the beaten path to experience an India of a thousand years, from then until now, while enjoying a plethora of tasty local cuisines specially veganized just for us as we experience the “real” Rajasthan and India that few have the opportunity to do.

In addition to plenty of mouthwatering vegan food and lots of local interaction as personal guests of our family and friends, the adventure also includes hiking, safaris, daily yoga lessons, daily language, and cultural lessons, heritage walks, guests of a local animal rescue, live traditional music and dances, a vegan cooking class, and much more!


Get day to day insight of the tour.


Namaste! Welcome to Gurugram (the city formerly known as Gurgaon), a bustling tech-suburb of the capital of India – New Delhi, your first stop on your India vegan group tour with Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages’ Vegin’ Out in the Land of Rajputs Adventure! There are no activities planned for today until our Orientation Meetng at 4:00 pm, where you’ll have a chance to get to know your fellow travelers and adventure leaders. After our Orientation Meetng, we’ll set out into the streets of Gurugram for a delicious feast and your first official taste of India at our friend’s (who also happens to be one of the best vegan chefs in the city) vegan café – one of only a few all-vegan restaurants in Delhi’s greater metropolitan area. So tonight – please make sure you bring your appetite and be ready to eat!

Highlights of the Day:

  • Detailed Orientation Meeting. Get to know your fellow travelers and adventure leaders, and have your Introduction to Rajasthan’s History, Cultures, and Diversity Presentation.
  • Introduction to Hindi Language.
  • First Taste of India on your India vegan group tour – in India, vegan dinner.

Vegan Meals
Included Today: Dinner

Sign me up for another Vegan Travel Asia (VegVoyages). There is nothing to compare! I must say that it is (still) the most exciting and fantastic tour I have been on or could ever dream of!… What filled our souls was the immersion in the images, sounds, colors, smells, people, and life in the real Indian towns, large and small, that Vegan Travel Asia (VegVoyages) shared with us. It is impossible to convey the personal impact of this tour. It was amazing! Thank you so much.


In the morning after enjoying a tasty vegan breakfast, we will set out on the highway and travel well off the beaten track as we head into the hinterlands of Rajasthan to the rustic yet charming village of Roopangarh. Located in the heart of the princely states of Rajputana (as they were referred to before independence), Roopangarh Fort was built by Maharaja Roop Singh in 1648 and is a captivating example of Rajput defensive architecture with underground passages, armories, spiked gates, and thick walls – evidence of its chivalrous past. On arrival, we’ll explore the narrow lanes and colorful streets of the village before settling down on the royal terrace for our Papads & Beer Tasting Session followed by a delightful vegan dinner under the moonlit sky.

Highlights of the Day: 

  • Explore Roopangarh village where we’ll learn about the local way of life and the history of the different communities living here.
  • Papads & Beer Tasting where we’ll sample the many yummy varieties of papad found in Rajasthan and the refreshing vegan-friendly beers of India.
  • A special evening of sunset drinks, snacks, and roti-themed dinner. Enjoy a mouthwatering variety of Indian rotis including vegan naan, vegan garlic naan, methi roti, and piping hot chapatis!

Vegan Meals
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner & Drinks

What a trip! My daughter and I took the Vegan Travel Asia (VegVoyages) trip to Gujarat (Badlands, Beasts, Temples & Beaches). I had high expectations about going to India (Bucket List place!) and VegVoyages surpassed all of them. The level of detail is so high, each place we stayed was completely unique, we felt that we were part of a family with our guides, the people were warm and friendly, and the food THE FOOD was amazing! Oh yeah, and we saw lions on safari! Really what more can I say? Other than that, it was obvious that within our small group, there were over half that were repeat customers - and that says a lot. I hope to join them and go on another trip within a few years!


Saying farewell to Roopangarh, we’ll continue our journey off the beaten track as we head further into the hinterlands of Rajasthan to the enchanting village of Ghanerao. Nestled near the foothills of the epic Aravalli Mountains, we’ll be staying as the personal guests of the royal family at their ancestral home, the delighqul and stunning Ghanerao Castle dating back to the 1600’s. This historical, picturesque town will be our home for the next two days as we focus on learning about local village life, culture, and customs in the Rajasthan countryside including the vital importance agriculture plays in the local life of the people and their fight, which is be being led by our hosts, to keep traditional local organic farming – the livelihood of many communities here, alive and out of the reach of global companies. The history of Ghanerao dates back centuries and the residence of the old royal family here, built in marble and red stone is a lovely testament to the region’s rich history. We’ll also explore and learn about the dozens of unique step-wells that are scattered throughout the village and the surrounding countryside – which are a brilliant glimpse into the extraordinary and vital stepwell water system of the often harsh and unforgiving arid terrain of the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. And of course, we cannot forget about the food – in a land where organic farming is being promoted by the community as the way forward – we’ll enjoy delicious meals made from farm-fresh veggies of the vegan versions of local Mertiya Rathore recipes. In this ancient village that is full of diversity – from Jains to Hindus to Muslims, we’ll have the opportunity to experience India well off the beaten track learning about the various ethnic groups and cultures that call this part of Rajasthan their home.

Highlights of the Day:

  • Morning traditonal yoga sessions at the palace (based on the early practice forms of yoga from its birthplace in India).
  • Guests of the Royal Family of Ghanerao at their castle for 2 days where they will share with us their history, culture, way of life, and delicious family recipes – all specially made vegan for us.
  • Explore the old town Ghanerao where we’ll learn about the local way of life and history of the different communities living here.
  • Learn from a member of the Royal Family of Ghanerao the vital importance agriculture plays in local life and their fight to keep traditional local organic farming, the livelihood of many communities here, alive, local, and out of the reach of global companies.
  • Introduction to the unique architectural concept of “stepwells” in India that date back to the 2nd and 3rd millennium BC Indus Valley Civilizations.
  • Guests of a member of the Royal Family of Ghanerao for drinks and snacks followed by a delicious dinner of the veganized versions of local Mertiya Rathore recipes.
  • Explore the surrounding countryside learning about the various ethnic groups and cultures that call this part of Rajasthan their home and the different agricultural products being farmed here.
  • Join kids from the community for a challenging game of sitolia (a classic cross between cricket and dodgeball).

Vegan Meals Included: Breakfasts (x2), Lunches (x2), and Dinner & Drinks (x2)

I went on a phenomenal tour of Rajasthan / India with Vegan Travel Asia (VegVoyages). The guides are friendly, caring, knowledgable, and interesting, the food is delicious and memorable, and the sights are spectacular. We stayed at a number of gorgeous castles during our trip. I cannot imagine a better tour of India! Thank you Sinjee and Zac!


From the arid desert plains of Rajasthan, we ascend into the Aravalli Mountains – the oldest mountain range in India and one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world (which is just the opposite of its cousin to the north, the Himalayas – one of the youngest mountain ranges in the world)! Stretching roughly 692 kilometers from northeastern Gujarat, through Rajasthan, and all the way to Delhi, this impressive ancient mountain range literally means “line of peaks”. As we make our way up into the enchanting rolling hills and mountains of the Aravallis, be prepared for some lovely scenery as we travel on one of the most scenic roads in the area.

Our first stop today will be at the auspicious Ranakpur Jain Temple – one of the five holiest sites in the Jain religion! A faith devoted to strict vegetarianism and compassion for all living beings, Jainism is based on the principle that all living creatures should be treated with mutual respect and no one life is greater than the other. The word “Jain” has its roots in the Sanskrit word “jina” meaning “conqueror”. Jainism inspired many of Gandhi’s beliefs and non-violence practices. After visiting the temple, we’ll continue our journey into the scenic rolling hills of the Aravalli Mountains as we make our way to the enchanting oasis city of Udaipur.

Called the Venice of the East, Udaipur, with its almost 500-year-old history, is one of the most romantic cities in India. Arriving in the late afternoon, we’ll settle into our home for the coming two days – a delightful heritage hotel near the picturesque Pichola Lake. Surrounded by lakes, and rolling hills and rich in history, Udaipur, with its lakeside palaces, ancient temples, vibrant bazaars, and narrow- winding streets, is the perfect place to relax and take in the alluring princely charm of Rajasthan! As guests of our family and friends, we’ll take in the legacy of the Mewar people and enjoy some of the best Rajasthani cuisine found in the city. From local home kitchens to longtime veg hotspots – you’ll enjoy traditional Mewar dishes, all specially veganized just for us. We’ll also visit the old royal palace and explore the backstreets, bazaars, and ancient homes of this almost half-millennium-old city. There is plenty to experience in what is billed as “the most romantic city in India”.

Highlights of the Day: 

  • Morning traditonal yoga sessions at the palace (based on the early practice forms of yoga from its birthplace in India).
  • Visit a bustling local bazaar veggie and fruit market.
  • Join longtime residents of the City of Lakes as we explore the kingdom’s historical back streets, narrow lanes, and one of the most impressive of India’s palaces, the Royal Palace of the Maharanas of Mewar.
  • Cultural culinary experience – a mouth-watering vegan Mewar feast where we’ll enjoy delicious local dishes all specially veganized for us.
  • Boat trip on the peaceful shores of Lake Pichola – seeing the City of Lakes from the boat offers a different perspective of this medieval city with its old palaces and temples cradling the water’s edge.
  • A festive traditional dinner party where we’ll join our family on the picturesque rooftop terrace of their home, complete with striking views of the city and royal palace. Enjoy traditional folk music and dance, local snacks, cold beverages, and a delicious Mewar feast for dinner!

Vegan Meals
Included: Breakfasts (x2), Lunches (x2), and Dinner & Drinks (x1)

I sought out Vegan Travel Asia (VegVoyages) because I was looking for a trip I could take where I wouldn't have to try to explain what a vegan eats in a foreign language and end up starving or getting sick. I went on the 8-day India tour and was blown away. Not only was the food amazing (I was so stuffed the whole time) but the attention to detail from start to finish was above and beyond. There is no way I would have had such a deep cultural experience if I had tried to plan this trip on my own. I was so hooked that I decided to go with them again on the Thailand tour last month. Now I am ruined for life. I don't think I ever want to travel without them. Good thing for me they have lots more adventures to discover. Do yourself a favor and give them a try. I dare you to be disappointed


Today we will head once again well off the beaten track as we head back out into the hinterland of Rajasthan traversing the desert back roads before arriving at our home for the next two days – the romantic Phool Mahal Palace located in the heart of the old Kingdom of Kishangarh! Built in 1870 just outside the walls of the massive Kishangarh Fort, Phool Mahal was actually the Royal Family’s monsoon palace. So, during our stay at this lovely lakeside palace, be on the lookout for kites, peacocks, herons, and wild ducks that call the nearby fields and monsoon-fed Gundalao Lake their home. You’ll also notice the intimidating and formidable fort walls and elephant-spiked gates, that distinctly highlight the kingdom’s chivalrous past. However, the Maharajas here were also known as patrons of the arts, and the area’s paintings, including those that adorn the palace walls, are well known throughout India. So here, in addition to learning about life in old Kishangarh, we will also have an introduction to the traditional Rajasthani art of painting including learning about its symbolism, history, and artistic techniques that have been passed down for generations.

Highlights of the Day: 

  • Morning traditional yoga sessions at the palace (based on the early practice forms of yoga from its birthplace in India).
  • Guests of the local temple for aarti ceremony (Hindu ritual), an important part of everyday life in India.
  • Stay for 2 nights in palatial rooms that ring of a bygone era at the lakeside Monsoon Palace of the local Royal Family.
  • Explore the old town of Kishangarh where we’ll learn about the local way of life and history of the different communities living here.
  • Special evening of traditional folk music and dance, followed by a traditional Rajasthani vegan feast!
  • Introduction and lesson to India’s most famous sport and favorite national past time – cricket, where we’ll also join in with locals to play this most beloved of India’s games.
  • Explore the formidable Kishangarh Fort learning about the kingdom’s rich history.
  • Cultural Q&A Program – in the royal hall of the palace, over drinks and snacks, we’ll have our “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about India but Were Afraid to Ask” Cultural Question and Answer Session.
  • Learn about Rajasthan’s legendary paintings in the old kingdom that gave birth to the critically acclaimed Kishangarh style of art that became famous throughout the continent and is also home to its most famous work, Bani Thani, which is heralded by critics as the Mona Lisa of India.

Vegan Meals
Included: Breakfasts (x2), Lunches (x2),  and Dinner & Drinks (x2)

Did the Green Triangle (North India trip) in January and loved it!! They took care of us from pick up to drop off and we never had to worry about food—it was all vegan! Expert guides patiently answered our questions and were great company. And made some great friends on our tour!


After a hearty breakfast, we’re off to the capital of Rajasthan – Jaipur! The City of Victory, the Pink City – whatever name Jaipur has been called or tittle it’s held, one thing is certain, it has intrigued and seduced travelers, wanderers, caravans, and adventurers throughout its colorful history. Enticed by the legends, wealth, and history it holds within its walls – the kingdom has drawn people for centuries from the furthest points on the globe. The city you see today was founded in the 1700s, though the history of settlements in the area dates back to the 12th century. Rich in history, arts, and architecture; Jaipur’s unique design was built using Vastu Shastra – the Indian version of Feng Shui. The desert terrain around the city consists of the rugged hills of the Aravallis, the oldest mountain range in India – where rulers constructed gated passes, walls, palaces, and forts in epic proportions. Over the next two days, we’ll explore Jaipur giving you a real taste of the city. Speaking of taste, Indian vegan fare is truly a unique blend of fragrant spices, fresh veggies, flavorsome herbs, and delectable bread and rice dishes. This being said, while here we’ll meet up with a local chef who will teach us how to prepare a delicious full-course Rajasthani vegan feast. We’ll also visit a very special animal hospital that has been helping locally abused and neglected animals as well as standing up for our four- legged friends without a voice, for almost three decades!

Highlights of the Day: 

  • Morning traditional yoga sessions at the palace (based on the early practice forms of yoga from its birthplace in India).
  • Visit the awesome Amber Fort. The ancient seat of the present ruling Rajput clan of Jaipur before they moved their capital to its current location, Amber Fort is perched amongst rugged hills, the massive Fort is an impressive fusion of Hindu and Muslim architecture built from sandstone and marble.
  • Visit an incredible animal rescue that is at the forefront of animal protection in and around Jaipur.
  • Visit a bustling local bazaar – veggie and fruit market.
  • Cultural Culinary Experience, introduction to Indian-Chinese Cuisine, also known as Indo-Chinese Cuisine. A unique fusion where Chinese spices and cooking methods are adapted to fit the Indian palate, its origins trace back to the Chinese who settled in Calcutta between the late 1700-1900s.
  • Visit Jaipur’s opulent Royal City Palace, Jantar Mantar (the old royal astronomical gardens), and Birla Temple.
  • Cultural culinary cooking class experience where we’ll learn to cook up a vegan Rajasthani feast.

Vegan Meals
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

India (Vegin’ Out in the Rajput) was amazing, and even more fascinating than we anticipated. However, what really made the trip blissful was the exceptional hospitality lavished on us by the entire Veg Voyages team. We can honestly say that we have made numerous trips all over the world but we have never had the level of hospitality that we received on this recent trip. I have never before been invited to a tour leaders’ home (thank you Jay and Singh Ji), and trust me we appreciated the personal touches. You guys went above and beyond the call of duty at every instance before, during, and after the trip. The design of the trip itinerary and Jay’s amazing commentary took it to the next level. We were not just shuffled past the obligatory photo ops. Through your insight, we got a glimpse of the “real” India, and got to interact with Indians on a “person to person” basis.


Saying goodbye to big city Jaipur, we’ll drive across the arid plains of Rajasthan to the jungles of the Ranthambore National Park Tiger Reserve – home of the Royal Bengal Tigers (among many other species of animals). Here we’ll be staying just outside the national park where for the next two days we’ll learn and explore the wilds of Ranthambore, the communities that call the surrounding area their home, and the national park’s incredible residents, the remarkable Royal Bengal Tiger. Ranthambore National Park’s dry deciduous forests and open grassy meadows are home to over 539 species of flowering plants, Dhok, mango, tamarind, and banyan trees (including one of the largest banyan trees in the country). In addition to being home to Royal Bengal Tigers, the protected reserve also provides sanctuary and refuge to a plethora of other wildlife including leopards, hyenas, sloth bears, jungle cats, palm civets, wolves, Sambar deer, chital, Nilgai, langurs, macaques, jackals, black bucks, wild boar, flying foxes, porcupines, mongoose, marsh crocodiles, desert monitor lizards, banded kraits, and cobras, to name a few.

Highlights of the Day:

  • Morning traditional yoga sessions at the palace (based on the early prac>ce forms of yoga from its birthplace in India).
  • Introduction to Ranthambore National Park and the Royal Bengal Tigers.
  • Two jeep safaris into the wilds of Ranthambore National Park where we’ll be on the lookout for the abundance of wildlife that calls these jungles their home, including their most famous residents – Royal Bengal Tigers!
  • Hike into the nearby surrounding countryside to take in views from a sacred Ganesh Temple.
  • Explore the National Chambal Gharial Sanctuary along the banks of the Chambal River which is home to the protected Gharial crocodiles. The sanctuary is spread over three states, and is also home to more than 316 species of birds, Marsh Crocodiles, turtles, otters, and many more.

Vegan Meals
Included: Breakfasts (x2), Lunches (x2), Dinner (x2)

This tour surpassed all my expectations! We got to do all kinds of activities we never would have on our own in rural India. It was so nice not to have to worry about anything. Just show up and everything was planned and taken care of for us. Unforgettable and such sweet memories from this amazing trip with Vegan Travel Asia (VegVoyages)!


From Ranthambore, we’ll make our way to Bharatpur – home of the UNESCO-protected World Heritage Site: The Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary National Park. Arriving in Bharatpur in afternoon, we’ll explore the park in by bicycle, traversing the back trails of the sanctuary with our naturalist guide.  A haven of wetlands and forests, the sanctuary is home to over 400 species of birds and a wide variety of other wildlife. The next morning, we’ll have a hearty vegan breakfast and then without delay make our way into the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh to the city of Agra where we will visit India’s most famous landmark – the stunning Taj Mahal. The Taj of course needs no introduction, it is a remarkable mausoleum built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as a tribute to his favorite wife, Mumtaj Mahal. Aler visiting the Taj, we will enjoy some delightful dosas at Agra’s best South Indian eatery. Then we visit the ghost city of Fatehpur Sikri. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fatehpur Sikri was built in the 16th century by Emperor Akbar. These well-preserved ruins were the capital of the Mughal Empire between 1571-1585 AD before being deserted. From Fatehpur Sikri, we’ll return to Bharatpur where you’ll have time to freshen up before we meet for our farewell dinner party on our last night in India together.

Highlights of the Day:

  • We’ll go on safari (by bicycle or peddle tri-shaw if you like) with the national park’s best naturalist where we’ll explore the wetlands and learn about the abundant wildlife that call the World Heritage Site protected Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary their home. A haven of wetlands and forests, the sanctuary is home to between 366 to over 400 species of birds, including a selection of herons believed to be among the best in the world, and a wide variety of wildlife including over 27 species of mammals.
  • Take in the majestic and marvelous Taj Mahal! India’s most famous landmark, it earned the prestigious tittle of being one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The Taj Mahal was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 to help preserve what is recognized as the best example of Islamic art in the country.
  • Explore the richly historical ghost city and ancient Mughal capital of Fatehpur Sikri. Fatehpur Sikri’s architecture is a combination of Islamic and Hindu elements, as Emperor Akbar was known as one of the most open-minded of the Mughal Emperors. Today it is listed as a World Heritage Site.
  • Special Farewell Dinner Party with drinks, snacks, and a vegan feast of our favorite Rajasthani dishes for dinner.

Vegan Meals
Included Today: Breakfasts (x2), Lunches (x2), and Dinner & Drinks (x2)

Just completed the greatest vacation of my life with Vegan Travel Asia (Vegvoyages) to India. While the food was the best ever, the courtesy and professionalism of the staff far exceeded any tour I have ever experienced. This is a high-quality organization with an incredible itinerary, enlightened guides, and clean accommodations. I am signing up for another tour.


After a hearty breakfast, we’ll pack up our vehicles and head back to Delhi/Gurugram where your adventure ends upon arrival back at our hotel, and after a delicious vegan lunch. If you need any onward assistance, please talk with your adventure leaders who will be more than happy to help. Thank you very much again for spending the holidays with us – Bahut, bahut dhanyavaad (thank you very much). Have a safe trip back home!

Vegan Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch

I've done a lot of traveling in my life, but never on a tour with a group. However, as a vegan, I thought I would try it. WOW. Every expectation I had was blown. Each day it felt like I lived a year of experiences. India was magical, the people were wonderful, I have new friends now, I ate amazing food and saw amazing things. I now know why so many of the people in our small group were repeat customers. I will definitely book with Vegan Travel Asia (VegVoyages) again. And yes, if you are interested in the Badlands, Beasts, Temples, and Beaches (Gujarat) trip, we did see lions!

pack up your bags for the new adventures!