Bali Vegan Tour

13 Day Vegan Tour in Bali

Explore Bali’s back roads and beyond as we take in the fascinating culture, countryside, and cuisines of this enchanting island paradise!

What's included?

Vegan Meals

33 Vegan meals
(12 buffet breakfasts, 11 buffet lunches, 10 buffet dinners)


12 Nights Accommodations
(a combination of boutique beachside bungalows, luxury Balinese garden cottages overlooking rice paddies, traditional countryside villas in Bali’s hill country, seaside resorts, and a local inn/homestay)

Tour Transport

  • Private Air-Conditioned Mini-Bus
  • Boats

Also Included

  • Traditional Balinese Massage Therapy
  • Donations to Local Community, Reef Restoration & Marine life Protection Programs
  • Complimentary Refill Water bottle and Unlimited Drinking Water
  • Balinese Temple Attire
  • Juices, Hard Drinks, and Beers on “Dinner & Drinks” nights
  • Vegan Welcome Package (with local vegan snacks, batik, map, etc.) and Tote Bag
  • Live Traditional Music and Dance Performances
  • Balinese Vegan Cooking Class
  • Balinese Classical Dance Workshop
  • Reef Conservation & Restoration Program with Bali’s frontline reef conservationists.
  • Snorkeling Trip to Menjangan Island with all gear provided
  • Home-cooked Vegan Meals with Local Families
  • Traditional Balinese Classical Instruments Program
  • Fruit Tasting Sessions
  • Learning and Making Traditional Balinese Temple Offerings
  • Participate in a Traditional Bathing/Cleansing Ritual
  • All Site Entry Fees
  • Hike and Explore East Java’s Epic and Stunning Ijen Volcano

Even More Included

  • Rice Paddy Hiking and Agricultural Experience in the Hill County of Bali
  • Visit Local Temples & Temple-Architecture Lessons
  • Introduction to Hinduism in Bali
  • Introduction to Hindu Ceremonies and Rituals
  • Guests of Hindu Temple
  • National Park Fees
  • Daily Local Social, Cultural & Balinese Hindu Lessons and Introductions
  • Daily Local Language Lessons
  • Guests of Local Grassroots Educational Programs and Projects
  • Guests of Local Village and Communities
  • Support and help out at innovative anti-plastic recycling program
  • All Local Guide Fees
  • Airport Pick Up*
  • …and all other activities, entertainment, and entry fees as per the itinerary

* Airport Pick up is provided for free if you arrive a day or two days prior to the tour and staying at our group’s hotel If you will be arriving at a much earlier date, please kindly arrange your own transport. Thank you.

What’s NOT included?

International airfare, personal travel insurance, visa fee to Indonesia (if applicable), gratuities/tips, laundry, and other items of a personal nature

Tour Dates & Pricing

Bali – Vegan Tour 2025

$3,995 (USD)

All Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages Adventures runs on a twin share basis. If you are a single traveler, we will pair you up with another single traveler of the same gender. If you would like to have your own room throughout the trip, upon making a booking, please select “yes” for Single Supplement and the cost shown below will be added to your total adventure cost.

 $795 for 13 days: Bali Vegan Adventure

Explore beyond Bali’s iconic sandy beaches! As an island deeply rooted in Hindu culture amidst the world’s largest Muslim nation and archipelago, Bali epitomizes Indonesia’s vast diversity. Over the years, it has captivated travelers worldwide with its almost mystical allure.

Bali’s beauty has drawn a diverse array of visitors, from celebrities and artists to surfers, sun-seekers, and backpackers. However, amidst the tourist bustle, the true essence of Bali lies beyond its stunning landscapes and serene beaches. It resides in its quaint towns, rural villages, and most importantly, in the warm hearts and rich cultural traditions of its people.

Join Vegan Travel Asia for an exploration of Bali that transcends the typical tourist spots of the island’s southern beaches. Immerse yourself in its history, culture, and traditions. Discover its breathtaking countryside, tranquil villages, and vibrant marine life in azure waters. Indulge in its tantalizing cuisine, renowned for its flavors and freshness.

Famous for its enchanting music, distinctive architecture, captivating art, and profound spiritual heritage, Bali offers a truly unique experience for those willing to embrace its charm. We invite you to join us on a journey into the heart and soul of this extraordinary island.


Get day to day insight of the tour.


Selamat Datang! Welcome to Bali – the Island of the Gods! You may also be asking yourself – where exactly is Bali? Well, it’s one small island and province that makes up the 34 provinces and over 17,508 islands of the country of Indonesia. And though Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world, Bali is predominately Hindu and they make up roughly 83.5 percent of the island’s population.  Indonesia also happens to be the fourth most populated country in the world – with an estimated 269 million people, of which 146+ million live on the island of Java, Bali’s big brother to the west.  Bali’s population, however, stands at just over 4.3 million people who all live on an island approximately the size of the US state of Delaware. Yes, Bali is famous the world-over for its gorgeous beaches, fantastic surf and fascinating cultures, yet for all its outside attention, the island still, almost magically, retains its cultural heritage, traditions, customs and way of life.  Even in the tourist “burbs” around Sanur, it’s still possible to take a turn off the major “drags”, walk down a small alley, follow the alluring sounds of gamelans or children chanting at a local community hall, or immerse yourself at a local market where you’ll see that the timeless beauty and way of life that is so unique to Bali is still very much alive. Over the coming days you’ll experience the rich cultural traditions and living customs, as well as kindness, of the Balinese, the mesmerizing beauty and magical appeal of their island, and the ageless rhythm of their ancient land that despite changing times and lots of outside influences, endures. In the morning, after enjoying a delicious vegan fusion breakfast together, we’ll have our Orientation Meeting where you’ll have a chance to get to know your fellow travelers and have your first introduction to the customs, traditions and etiquette of the Balinese people. After our orientation meeting, you’ll have your first taste of the archipelago’s delicious cuisines all specially veganized just for us. Then, we’ll head out for a traditional Balinese massage before meeting up to learn about Balinese classical dance. As the sun sets over Sanur, we’ll enjoy a tropical fruit tasting session followed by a tasty vegan dinner of local island delicacies.

Highlights of the Day:

  • Detailed Orientation Meeting where you will get to know your fellow travelers and adventure leaders better as we discuss the adventure ahead and have our Introduction to Bali & Indonesia’s History, Cultures, Customs, Etiquette & Diversity Presentation.
  • First Taste of Indonesia vegan feast where we’ll be introduced (and enjoy) a delicious variety of island dishes from across the archipelago all specially veganized just for us.
  • Unwind with a 90-minute Traditional Balinese Massage therapy. Balinese Massage traces its origins back centuries as a form of natural healing adopting techniques from different cultures they came into contact with back in the day when Bali lied along the great spice trading routes of Asia. Balinese Massage is a combination of herbal aromatherapy, soft skin rolling, light stretching, gentles acupressure and reflexology.
  • Join a very talented Balinese classical dancer and teacher who will introduce us to the ancient tradition of Balinese dance. In addition to teaching us about the history, symbolism and forms of this cultural tradition, we’ll also learn some of its steps.
  • Tropical Fruit Tasting Session where we’ll enjoy and learn how to properly eat some of the island’s best tropical fruits in season.
  • Special vegan feast of some of Indonesia’s favorite local dishes all veganized specially for us; accompanied by refreshing local cold drinks to help soften the fiery vegan sambals (chili condiments).

Vegan Meals
Included Today:  Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Huge thank you for the amazing cultural exposure on our Bali adventure. It has been a pleasure to travel without the “cookie cuEer” experience and get a real feel for a whole other world!


Selamat Pagi (good morning)! Today, we’ll bid farewell to Sanur as we journey into the countryside and up into Bali’s stunning hill country. The village we will be staying in is located on a prominent ridge at 800 meters above sea level with spectacular views overlooking forests, spice plantations and paddies all the way to the ocean. Though the recent history of inhabitants in Munduk dates back some 200-300 years, it is believed there were settlements in the area as far back as the 10th century. Balinese culture and traditions are never more evident than they are in the village. Even with development and technology growing at an alarming pace around Bali, still the traditions, customs, culture and warm and friendly hospitality the Balinese people are known for, is thankfully still very much alive and well in the village. After breakfast, we’ll set out on one of the most scenic drives on the island passing beautiful terraced paddy fields, small villages and thick jungle-clad hillsides. During our journey, we will visit the sacred Hindu temple of Pura Tirta Empul where Hindus from all over the country come to bathe in its holy water. Leaving the temple, we’ll head up into the central mountains of Bali’s stunning hill country. Arriving just in time for a delicious Balinese lunch of farm fresh veggies, we’ll then settle into our homes before hiking through the surrounding countryside to a lovely waterfall. As the sun sets over the paddies, we’ll sit down for today’s cultural Q&A, refreshing sundowners and a tasty dinner of the vegan versions of local favorites!

Highlights of the Day:

  • Vegan fusion breakfast feast.
  • Visit the sacred Hindu temple of Tirta Empul. Said to date back to 926 AD, Hindus from all over Indonesia come to bathe in its holy water believed to have purification and healing properties.
  • Enjoy gorgeous views on our road trip along the back roads of Bali as we make our way up into the hill country passing beautiful terraced paddy fields, small villages, serene lakes, and thick jungle-clad hillsides.
  • Join our friend who grew up in Munduk for a hike into the countryside to explore the surrounding farms, fields and forests, and one of the islands most scenic waterfalls.
  • Cultural Q&A in the evening complete with local snacks and drinks where you will learn everything you wanted to know about Bali but were afraid to ask! So now is the time to ask!

Vegan Meals Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner & Drinks

I checked the company reviews; they were consistently good, almost too good to be true. Still, the reasonable price and the “Bali vegan” combo were too tempting; after some more research and discussion with my partner, we booked our tour. The Bali trip, then the Laos trip, and now the Sri Lanka trip have all exceeded my expectations. Each tour checks my criteria boxes in a mouth-watering, heart-expanding, soul-enriching way. The small Vegan Travel Asia crew frame their tours through a thoughtful, compassionate filter – from the delicious vegan treats in our hotel room upon arrival, the culinary explorations in local homes, the animal sanctuaries, the local volunteering, the beautiful and picturesque settings in which we stay – this is a company that wants to highlight the beauty of Asia in a compassionate, earth-friendly way.”


Selamat Pagi (good morning)! Waking up to the fresh mountain air and stunning views of the hills, valleys and fields surrounding Munduk, we’ll have a hearty traditional breakfast before hiking out in the surrounding fields, plantations and villages. During our hike, we’ll learn about the island’s ancient community-based water management system, “subak”, that is so vital for the irrigation of the thousands of rice fields throughout Bali. Developed over 1,000 years ago – this system is not only ecologically sound, but it is also a vital lifeline and bond between the different families and communities of Bali’s predominately-agrarian society. Today, we’ll learn about the history of this fascinating traditional irrigation system and the important role it plays in the everyday life, both socially, spiritually, communally and economically, of the Balinese people. We’ll also learn about other important agricultural methods and traditions that are part of life on the island. In the afternoon, we’ll make our way back to our cottages where you’ll have time to freshen up before we learn about sacred Balinese offerings and how to make them – another central part of life on the island. Then, as the sun sets over the paddies, we’ll join a noted Gamelan maestro and his family at their home for dinner and an evening of hypnotic gamelan music!

Highlights of the Day:

  • Special vegan breakfast feast of traditional dishes overlooking the rice paddies and lush green mountains of Munduk.
  • Hike and explore the ever-present backdrop of Bali – the paddy field, where we’ll learn all about the planting and harvesting of rice and Bali’s incredible “subak” tradition. A very unique and ecologically sustainable system of water management, “subak” has been an integral part of Balinese life for centuries.
  • Guests of a local family at their home for lunch today out in the fields.
  • Join local students from Munduk for a workshop on the ever-present offerings of Bali where you’ll learn about the different offerings, their symbolism, and how to make them. From the canang sari – small baskets filled with flowers and rice, to offering baskets, the ritual of giving back to the spirits and gods who have blessed you, or those (in the case of demons) you just want to stay away from, is an important part of everyday life. This practice is all part of the Balinese philosophy of keeping balance in life among people, nature, spirits, gods, good and evil.
  • Guests of a local gamelan maestro and his family at their home for a colorful evening of drinks, snacks, dinner and of course – great gamelan music where we’ll learn all about the magical and mystical sounds of the gamelan!

Vegan Meals Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner & Drinks.


Selamat Pagi (good morning)! Today we head from the lush jungles of Bali’s hill country to the peaceful beaches and marine life rich waters of the serene seaside town of Pemuteran!  Our first stop will be at a sacred Hindu temple where we’ll learn about traditional Balinese temple architecture and its symbolism. As guests of the temple, we’ll also participate in a Hindu blessing ceremony. Then we’re off to our home for the next three days located on the shores of the Bali Sea near the northwestern most tip of the island – home to palm trees swaying gently on balmy tropical breezes and fine sandy beaches greeting clear azure warm waters… hello sand, sea and santai (relaxing)! Far from the crowds of South Bali, we’ll be staying in traditional bungalows near the beach at the doorstep of a beautiful coral reef. After lunch, we’ll be guests of an important marine conservation project that helps to restore the fragile reefs of Bali. After learning about the project, the plight of the coral reefs and the abundance of species that rely on them, we’ll head offshore into the Bay of Pemuteran to snorkel the restored reef with those who are working so hard to preserve it. For Dinner, since we’ve been having Balinese cuisine up until now, and since the chef where we stay is a great baker – they have prepared this evening a taste of back home with vegan pizzas, pastas, and fresh salads for dinner on the beach.

Highlights of the Day:

  • Special vegan breakfast feast of traditional dishes overlooking the rice paddies and lush green mountains of Munduk.
  • Guests of local Hindu temple for our Introduction us to Balinese Hindu Temple architecture, symbolism, rituals and traditions.
  • As guests of a local temple, we’ll join in a local Hindu blessing ceremony.
  • Guests of an extraordinary grassroots reef restoration and marine life conservation program helping breathe life back into the incredible coral gardens of Bali where we’ll learn why they reefs are in danger, the steps being taken to preserve them and the marine life that benefits from their unique projects including the ones we’ll be seeing today.
  • Join the team on the frontline of protecting Bali’s reefs as we snorkel with them into the Bay of Pemuteran to witness firsthand the reef and marine life benefiting from the program.
  • Sundowners (refreshing drinks) and vegan snacks near the tranquil shores of the Bali Sea.
  • Special Seaside Dinner & Drinks

Vegan Meals
Included Today:  Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner & Drinks

We took the Bali trip this year and it exceeded our expectations in every way possible. The level of personalized service, care, and professionalism that Zac and Sofna provide are easily the best I have ever experienced. They provide such a "real" experience and let you get to know the island and its culture on a very deep level. This isn't for people who just want to hang out at the beach (although we had time at one too), this is for people who want to maximize their time in the most interesting and enjoyable way possible. I'm truly thankful for all of the hard work they put into our enjoyment, their care and commitment to their travelers truly shines daily. Oh, and the FOOD! So much and so good! You will not go hungry.


After a sunrise breakfast over the Bali Sea, we’ll join the team of the grassroots marine life conservation and reef restoration project, hop aboard their boats and set off into the open sea for the nearby-uninhabited, coral-reef-laden island of Menjangan. Pulau Menjangan and its beautiful protected marine life rich waters and spectacular coral reefs are truly a sight to behold, including its gorgeous epic coral wall that plunges over 50 meters into the deep blue sea offering a dramatic spectacle of hard and soft corals. Menjangan’s beautiful waters are not just home to stunning coral reefs, but these welcoming waters offer a wonderful home to a plethora of marine life, from parrot fish, groupers, butterfly fish, triggerfish, clown fish and sweetlips, to angelfish, Napoleons, moray eels, damsels, wrasses, rays, and sea turtles – to name a few. After our underwater exploration all morning until the early afternoon, we will return to our beachside bungalows for lunch. Then you’ll have the later afternoon free to rest, or snorkel some more at the lovely house reef near our bungalows, sunbathe, have a massage, catch up on some reading, lounge around the pool or just chill out at a local café.

Highlights of the Day:

  • Special sunrise vegan breakfast with views of the Bali Sea.
  • Spend the day with the incredible team of the grassroots marine life conservation and reef restoration project and explore the wonderful underwater kingdom around Menjangan Island – including taking in the island’s gorgeous wall that drops 50-meters from the surface down into the depth of the deep blue sea. Gorgeous is saying it lightly – the wall is incredible and is home to some of Bali’s best corals – which are home to an abundance of beautiful marine life!

Vegan Meals
Included Today:  Breakfast, and Lunch

I had such a wonderful Cme in Bali. Learning about Balinese culture through its dance, food and religion was a highlight of the trip, in addiCon to experiencing the underwater splendor of the coral reefs of Bali Sea. Of course the food was absolutely divine and as always, my VegVoyages family added so many special touches that only they can provide.


On the most northwesterly point of the island lies the picturesque Taman Nasional Bali Barat (West Bali National Park). Home to over one hundred and sixty species of birds, including the near-extinct Bali Starling, the park is a mixture of dry savannah, thick forests, and mangroves. We’ll spend the morning learning about the mangroves and its importance in protecting the Bali coast with one of the park’s foremost experts. After our exploration, we’ll join a local community that is hard at work and has been very successful in promoting and encouraging the communities to do recycling. As the sun sets over the peaks overlooking the Bali Sea, we’ll meet for our last night in Pemuteran and join our friend’s family at their home where we’ll learn to make some of the famous Balinese snacks and enjoy a delicious home-cooked vegan Balinese feast of their favorite family recipes.

Highlights of the Day:

  • Explore Taman Nasional Bali Barat (West Bali National Park) with one of the park’s foremost naturalists who will also introduce us to the vital roll mangroves play in not only protecting Bali’s, but countless coasts across the planet.
  • Learn about the ongoing efforts and see firsthand the work being done to protect the critically endangered Bali Starling – which is also the island’s only endemic species and unfortunately, near extinction.
  • Join a local family from Bali’s Muslim community at their home for a traditional lunch of local dishes all specially veganized just for us.
  • Guests of a vital grassroots conservation project set up to recycle the abundant plastic bags (as well as help raise awareness about this important environmental issue) that unfortunately litter the island.
  • Join our friend’s family at their home for a tasty home-cooked vegan feast of their favorite family recipes all specially veganized for us.

Vegan Meals
Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner & Drinks


Saying goodbye to Pemuteran, we will make our way to the western most tip of Bali where we’ll board a local ferry for the island of Java. Over the next two days we’ll be introduced to Javanese culture, geography, and yes – tasty cuisine! Home to 60% of Indonesia’s population, much of the country’s history, politics and culture has been influenced by the island. Arriving in Java Timur, or East Java (“timur” means “east”), we’ll head into the town of Banyuwangi. Banyuwangi’s “modern roots” date back to the late 1700’s as the area became a haunt of the Dutch because of its nearby fertile volcanic mountain slopes where they set up plantations growing coffee, sugar cane and other crops. Chinese and Arabs had settled and traded here for centuries – and the Chinese who have been here both before, during and after the Dutch, have been influential in Banyuwangi’s growth, community and culture. So today we’ll visit their oldest temple and community center in the region before settling down for a fusion lunch at a local Indonesian-Chinese warung. After lunch, we’ll settle into our hotel on the shores of the Bali Strait before meeting up in the early evening for a tasty Javanese feast for dinner!

Highlights of the Day:

  • Local ferry trip across the Bali Strait to Java – taking in views of the Bali Strait, Bali Sea and Indian Ocean all at one. Java is roughly 3.2 kilometers (2 miles) away and during the ice ages, Java and Bali were geologically connected, which is not hard to imagine as the Bali Strait is quite shallow at an average depth of 60 meters.
  • Visit the oldest Indonesian-Chinese temple and community center and learn about their rich history in East Java.
  • Enjoy a vegan fusion lunch at a local Indonesian-Chinese warung.
  • Special seaside vegan feast and introduction to the mouthwatering cuisines on the island of Java veganized specially for us.

Vegan Meals Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

I can't even begin to describe the positive experience that I had with Zac and Yusi on our trip to Bali. My every need was taken care of, from delicious food to gorgeous accommodations to comfortable transportation. The itinerary was thoughtful and included many experiences that we would only get from traveling with guides who have a genuine love and appreciation for the places they visit. We had daily language instruction (short and sweet) and informational talks about the culture and people we were visiting. The level of compassion and respect that they have for the people and land was evident in everything we did. One of the things that I found surprising was how many of the people in our group had been on previous Vegan Travel Asia (VegVoyages) trips. I now understand and do not doubt that I will be traveling with them again. I've traveled to nearly 20 countries in my 43 years and I can honestly say that this trip is one of the most memorable! Thank you, Zac and Yusi for making this such a special trip for my mom and I!!!


We have to get an early start today – but after you’ve made the climb to the top – you’ll be happy you did. In the early morning, we’ll start our hike up to Ijen Crater. For those who have climbed this impressive crater – the words stunning, spectacular, amazing and awesome come to mind – and once you make the trek to the top of this active volcano, through a beautiful forest reserve with picturesque views along the way, you’ll understand what they’re talking about. With a 200 meter deep, nearly 1-kilometer wide turquoise blue acidic-lake at its center and sulfur clouds billowing around the moonscape scenery – it is truly a surreal sight to behold! After returning from our trek, you’ll have time to relax and rest. In the evening, we’ll meet up by the seaside for our Introduction to Indonesian Cultures Q&A while enjoying refreshing drinks before sitting down for a tasty vegan feast of Javanese dishes for dinner – East Javanese-style!

Highlights of the Day:

  • Spend the morning and early afternoon hiking along the forest trails with stunning views of the surrounding mountains to the even more stunning views of the epic moonscape-like Ijen Caldera, with its 200 meter deep, nearly 1–kilometer wide turquoise blue acidic-lake and billowing clouds of sulfur at its center.
  • Indonesian Cultural Q&A Program while overlooking the Bali Sea.
  • Special vegan feast of local East-Javanese dishes.

Vegan Meals Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner & Drinks

DAY 9 WEST BALI – Villages Along the Indian Ocean

While in Bali we’ve learned about the island’s majority Hindu population and their culture, and we learned a little bit about Indonesia’s majority Muslim population, so today we’ll take time to learn about one of the other cultures that make up the rich tapestry of Bali (as well as Indonesia). This morning after breakfast, we will make our way across the Bali Strait and traverse the back roads of Bali’s far less visited West Coast visiting two villages that are home to the island’s relatively small Protestant and Catholic communities where even in their places of worship a heavy Balinese influence is seen in their unique fusion architecture. As guests of the local communities, we’ll learn about their history, culture, way of life and of course, their cuisines on Bali’s more remote coast.

Highlights of the Day:

  • Traditional Javanese breakfast dishes all veganized specially for us.
  • Guests of local Protestant and Catholic communities. As special guests of the village, local families will introduce us to their community, history and way of life. We’ll also learn about the unique architecture of the village Churches, which is heavily influenced by local Balinese culture and traditions in its design.
  • Enjoy a tasty home-cooked lunch and dinner of their favorite family recipes – all 100% vegan!
  • Incredible local gamelan jam session put on by an all-women orchestra.

Vegan Meals Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

DAY 10 UBUD – Bali’s Cultural Heartland

This morning, we’ll head back into the island’s interior for the cultural capital of Bali – Ubud! Its history dating back to the 8th century – over the years the city developed into the island’s rich cultural art center. The area’s rulers who, in addition to being one of the most powerful lords of south Bali, were also patrons of the cultural arts and helped in this transformation. Though ironically, in Balinese, there’s no word for “art” or “artist”. It is said that the idea of “art” and being an “artist” is not separately exclusive, it does not stand on its own as such, but is a way of life, part of one’s life and was wholly for religious and ritual purposes, so there was no need for a separate word or definition for it. Set amongst rice fields and filled with history, culture and “art”, we will be staying just outside the cultural capital’s town center in beautiful Balinese cottages set amongst rice paddies and green gardens. You’ll have time to freshen up before we meet up with a longtime resident of the cultural capital and take a stroll into the heart of Ubud settling down at a local community hall for a night of mesmerizing Balinese classical music and dance. In the evening, will close the day with a tasty fusion feast of vegan “tapas” from around Bali, the Indonesian archipelago and beyond – accompanied by refreshing local drinks.

Highlights of the Day:

  • Special vegan fusion lunch at our favorite vegan restaurant in Ubud!
  • Join a longtime resident of Ubud for a sunset stroll into the heart of the cultural capital.
  • Enjoy captivating kecak dance at a local community hall. With its origins and inspiration tracing back to trance-inducing exorcism rituals, this unique form of expression is truly mesmerizing.
  • Special fusion feast of vegan “tapas” from across the archipelago and around the world accompanied by refreshing local drinks.

Vegan Meals Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner & Drinks

Ever since my first tour with Vegan Travel Asia (VegVoyages) to India in 2014, I knew I'd be traveling with them again. I had a fantastic time in Bali! Yusi & Zac did a fantastic job taking care of every little detail. Everything was so well planned and you can tell they are extremely passionate about the people, culture, wildlife, and environment. I met and made friends with some incredible people along the way; from tour guides, hotel staff, conservationists, and the other members of our group, you all enriched my experience beyond words! And the food!!! Oh, the food!!! What else can I say? Thank you so much VegVoyages. I had a wonderful time vegin' out on the Island of the Gods! I can't wait for my next adventure with you.

DAY 11 UBUD – Bali’s Cultural Heartland

Following a vegan breakfast on the verandah, you’ll have the day free to relax and spend the day at your own pace. Whether it’s soaking up sun from your verandah, taking a refreshing swim in the pool, indulging in an oil massage, exploring the surrounding villages of Ubud town by bike or by foot, or all of the above – today is the time to do it!  There are plenty of shops around Ubud’s lively streets to choose from if you need to finish off that souvenir list for friends, family and your pet sitter (don’t forget your pet sitter). So whatever you are up for – Ubud has it, whether that is visiting a museum, catching up on shopping, visiting traditional spas (just in case you are in the mood for a traditional massage or herbal treatment – there is no shortage of spas in Ubud), enjoying a cold one at a pub with live music, chilling out at a local café over a cup of Java (the coffee, not the island), or just strolling around and exploring the backstreets and back alleys of this vibrant town. Step out and enjoy Ubud town!

Highlights of the Day:

  • Special vegan breakfast on your verandah overlooking the rice paddies and beautiful natural gardens.

Vegan Meals
Included Today:  Breakfast

DAY 12 UBUD – Bali’s Cultural Heartland

Selamat Pagi (good morning)! After a vegan breakfast on your verandah overlooking the paddy fields, we’ll meet up for our cooking class, where you’ll learn from one of the experts in Balinese cooking how to make a delicious, traditional Balinese vegan feast. Our wonderful team of chefs will guide you through every step of the way, and assist you in creating delicious Balinese dishes for lunch. After enjoying our lunch that we created ourselves, you’ll have the early afternoon to relax. As the sun sets over the paddies, we’ll meet up for our farewell party where we’ll enjoy an evening of refreshing island drinks, tasty snacks, dance, and an absolutely delicious dinner of local regional favorites!

Highlights of the Day:

  • Special vegan breakfast on your verandah overlooking the rice paddies and beautiful natural gardens.
  • Cultural Culinary Experience where you will join a terrific local chef and be introduced to the secrets of Balinese cuisine as you learn how to cook a mouth-watering full-course Balinese vegan meal!
  • Festive farewell dinner party by the poolside complete with live music and a banquet of vegan fusion dishes from across Bali and across the Indonesian archipelago!

Vegan Meals
Included Today:  Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner & Drinks


Another amazing breakfast on your verandah, you’ll have time to relax and enjoy the view or take a dip on the pool. We’ll meet up in the late morning to head back to Sanur where our adventure ends upon arrival in Sanur at around 11:30 AM. If your flight back home is on the same day, please arrange to have it at around 4 PM or later, in case there is a delay in our travel. Thank you very much again for traveling with us and being our guests on Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages Bali Adventure!

Highlights of the Day:

  • Special vegan breakfast on your verandah overlooking the rice paddies and beautiful natural gardens.
  • Airport transfer.

Vegan Meals
Included Today:  Breakfast

It was an amazing Bali trip! These guys really know what they are doing. They immerse you into the culture. It is like no other vacation we have ever been on.

pack up your bags for this adventure!