Administration / Communications Manager
VegVoyages Foundation / Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages

Shova Bhujel is a vegan activist by passion and a constitutional and criminal law lawyer by training who gave up her position as a section officer civil servant in the Nepal government to join the VegVoyages Foundation and Vegan Travel Asia as the Administration and Communications Manager. One of her key responsibilities at the VegVoyages Foundation is helming the foundation’s new projects and programs in South and Southeast Asia. Shova is a co-organizer at Kathmandu Animal Save where they have been advocating for veganism and targeting Nepalese youths to get active for animals. She also does veganism-related food content in the form of blogging through her Instagram account. As a young law student, she observed that there were many people active for human rights but only a handful advocating for non-human animal rights, understanding that oppressions are interlinked, she strives for a better society through intersectional veganism.